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Vendor Management

Vendors are essential to one's business since they source raw materials that build the final product. However, the business can't run smoothly if the company fails to manage its vendors systematically. The Vendor Management Template that Stackby provides is the perfect solution to this problem.

Understanding Vendor Management

A vendor refers to the sellers who provide products/services to the company. The processes of data collection, forming contracts, reducing risks, and building good business bonds are called vendor management. Vendor management ensures timely delivery of promised goods and services that match the quality and demands of the receiving end. 

Why is Vendor Management Essential?

  • Vendors carry risks relating to product/service quality, accurate payments, and timely delivery. Managing vendors reduces these risks and deflects losses. 
  • Selecting the right vendors saves time and reduces cost. 
  • Delivery of products and services need to be ensured by the company vendor management. 
  • It builds trust between the provider and receiver, generating goodwill for both parties. 
  • It thus ensures the uninterrupted functioning of the business. 

How will the Stackby Vendor Management Template help your business?

  • The Vendor management template will help you manage your vendors by organizing their detailed information according to your preference. This overview helps you select the most appropriate seller for your job at hand. 
  • The template provides you with a built-in system of entry that allows you to record the vendor’s current status, name, contact information, and the services they provide in detail.
  • You can upload the deal document and contracts to ensure that they comply with their end of the deal. 
  • Costs are reduced because information about their products and quality gives you the upper hand in negotiations and discounts.
  • Since you will be able to store your vendor(s) details all in one place, it saves you time and trouble while communicating and tracking the vendor’s status.
  • The linking of sites acts as a bonus feature as you’ll directly be able to reach your vendor’s company website.
  • The vendor's management template features the 'vendors needs' section, which caters to the seller's requirements to deliver a quality product. 
  • The payments are made easier with the provision of bank details.

Who will find this template useful?

Firms frequently carrying out businesses with third parties as well as start-ups will find this template extremely helpful. It also helps firms that produce goods involving several steps of production of the final product.

Facilities Planning Templates

Facilities Planning

Running a company is much more than earning profits! To keep the company/facility running, it is necessary to maintain the condition of the facility; and pay heed to all the requirements of the employees. That’s where our Facilities Planning Template can help.

These requirements vary according to the nature of your company! They may range from various equipment to tables, chairs, computers! Some general maintenance requirements usually include washroom maintenance, restocking papers for the printer, or just simply checking up on the coffee machine!

A company may have many maintenance requests and facility planning across departments, and it can prove to be quite hectic to manage them all from different platforms.

A facility planning template helps you to manage all this information at one place and provides you with the opportunity to tackle all the maintenance requests from a single location.

Why do we need a Facility Planning Template?

  • If we have an organized and updated facilities list, asset tracking and management gets easier. All the different inventory is kept at a particular place, and tracking it easily saves a lot of time.
  • Record-keeping becomes simple and easy.
  • Employees perform more efficiently in a workplace which is well run and managed properly.
  • Chances of missing any request regarding replacement, addition or management becomes quite less.

But all these activities may become a lot to tackle, if managed separately. The person who has to oversee all the facility maintenance requests from different departments can get a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.

A facility planning template will help you ease down your work and let you manage your requests from a single location.

How can Stackby’s Facility Planning Template help you?

With the facility planning template by Stackby, you can schedule and request maintenance, keep track of your budget, send out maintenance requests to your employees, all at one place. You can even add a picture of the item that has been requested for maintenance.

Add data such as item name, item type, location, cost of maintenance, the status of maintenance etc., using the template. You can add more columns if required.

The Facilities Planning template is easily customizable, and you can add the data in a systematic category and search accordingly. 

Now, plan your facility efficiently and effectively at one place and manage your budget along with it without being daunted by the immense amount of work. Divert your attention to managing the company and save time on tackling maintenance activities with the Facilities Planning Template.

Product Inventory Templates

Product Inventory

Product inventory is used to record and monitor a company's inventory and manage sales effectively and efficiently. Using product inventory is necessary for any company's smooth functioning, and the best way to achieve that is by using a product inventory template! A product inventory template would make things easier for the company to comprehend and make informed decisions.

What is the Product Inventory Template?

A Product inventory template is used to record and monitor a company’s inventory of products and manage sales. Product inventory template also makes it easier for companies to realize their best-selling product and the company's least performing product. Using a product inventory template, companies can manage their warehouses in a more organized and efficient manner.

Why do you need a Product Inventory Template?

Product Inventory Template will help companies to replenish their stocks in time to avoid running out of in demand products.

By using a product inventory template, companies can easily manage the rise and fall of demand. They would know exactly how much inventory they have and start acting in advance to prepare themselves.

Having a good product inventory system would lead to happy and loyal customers because they know you would fulfil their demands. 

Having a proper product inventory would lead to cost-cutting and would reduce human error issues. Fewer errors results in less money and time spent fixing the problems.

Who is this template for?

The inventory manager of a company can use this template to get the entire process automated, have all the information at one glance, and make important and effective inventory management decisions.

How will Stackby’s Product Inventory Template help you?

With a single glance, you can get an overview of all your products. Our Product Inventory template will make your job easier in the following ways:

  • Our template lets you see a detailed summary of all the inventory your company has, in an easy and accessible way.
  • Our template provides you with all the information required by your company to make informed decisions. Information like product name, product photo, type of product, can be easily entered to keep track.
  • You can enter their product ID, stock left with the company, their unit price, total inventory value of every individual product, and supplier name.  
  • If required, you can also keep details about the shelf where the product is stored under stock or not indicator and a notes section, for additional comments.
  • This template lets you individually track the inventory of individual products.
  • You also get the option to view the inventory in a gallery view option on our template for easy analysis.
  • You also get the options to filter through all your products and look at specific products and our template; the option to sort it using different options is also available. You can also hide certain columns for a better inspection of certain aspects of your product's inventory.

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Equipment Inventory Templates

Equipment Inventory

An equipment inventory software or template is used to keep track of all the equipment used at either your office or your home. This template can be used to ensure that all the equipment owned by your company is useful and does not need repair or replacement.

What is an Equipment Inventory Template?

An Equipment Inventory template allows you to keep track of all equipment or machinery used by the company to run its business. This free equipment inventory template can be used to ensure all the available equipment and machinery owned or rented by any company is being used effectively and efficiently. 

This template lets you know exactly where certain equipment is present and if it's being used or is sitting idle. This ensures none of the equipment is unaccounted for.

Why do you need an Equipment Inventory Template?

An Equipment Inventory Template can be used to confirm that the resources, equipment, and machinery of any company are being used effectively and efficiently. It helps to make sure that there is no wastage and duplication of use of any equipment.

This Equipment Inventory template keeps a detailed record of where and when the equipment has been used. It makes it easier for the company to track the physical and financial condition of the equipment such as if the equipment is damaged, if they need repairs or replacements, etc.

The Equipment inventory template also provides you with complete details about the purchase history and date of purchase. This makes asset management easier and ensures the equipment is getting regular service checks to ensure they operate optimally and do not cost the company more money than it makes.

Who is this template for?

No matter the size, every company must use this template to organize their equipment and manage them effectively and efficiently systematically.

How will Stackby’s Equipment Inventory Template help you?

  • Our free equipment inventory template offers you a complete overview and the ability to manage your equipment in the best possible manner.
  • Along with the name of the equipment and the item number, you are also provided with images to identify them, making it easier for the company to keep track of its resources.
  • Using this template, you would know what type of equipment is being used exactly where within minutes, making the entire process of asset management easier for the company.
  • You are also provided with a column that mentions the equipment's condition, making sure that if the equipment needs a repair or replacement, it is being done on time so that productivity does not diminish. 
  • You also get real-time updates about the whereabouts of your equipment in the “status” column. 
  • Combine all this with the ability to edit and filter the template according to your need freely, and you have one of the best asset management templates at your fingertips to manage the equipment owned by your company.

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Cleaning Schedule Template

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A cleaning schedule is a list of things to be done in cleaning the house and the workplace at a specific time. This cleaning schedule Template can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Cleaning schedules are important. Through these, tasks are equally divided into assigned cleaners and sanitize all things on time.