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Content Strategy Templates

Content Strategy

If you are a marketer looking for an appropriate way to manage and strategize your company's online content, then Stackby’s Content Strategy Template is the right tool for you. 

Why is content strategy important?

Preparing a content strategy helps the firm meet its goals and set priorities. It also provides a better scope for the firm to increase its connections by promoting its content. 

How will the Stackby Content Strategy Template help you?

  • With a provision to record the dates of posting and updating the content in any form, it maintains a regular flow of content throughout the firm's project lifespan. 
  • This template also allows you to record the details, nature, and type of the content, so that confusing one output with another is avoided.  
  • The contents of the posts can also be recorded in this template, along with the details of the author. 
  • The main criteria for the content to be reader-friendly require it to be SEO optimized, proofread, edited, and updated. This template allows you to check that these conditions are met for the content to be effective. 
  • Direct links to the posting platforms are provided in the template that simplifies navigation of the blog, post, article, etc. 
  • The records maintained throughout the template ensure that the same type of content and promotions are not repeated. This helps them keep their customers at the edge of their seats every time a new product launches. 

Who will find this template useful?

Companies that depend on SEO platforms to promote their content or any firms that put out their content on any digital platforms instead of traditional marketing methods will find this template extremely useful.

Blog Content Calendar Templates

Blog Content Calendar

From small business owners, new start-up ventures to established multinational companies, everyone dedicates a significant portion of their time and resources towards blogging.

With new forms of online marketing, taking the digital world by storm, blogging continues to be one of the most trusted and widely used methods. In simple terms, a blog is an online journal or an informal article that gives detailed information on a particular topic or product.

Why do companies spend time and money blogging about their products or services?

Companies resort to a multitude of strategies to increase their presence and visibility on the world wide web.  Blogging is one of them. So, how does blogging help a business grow?

  • Increases the credibility of a company by acting as a source of relevant and authentic information.
  • Plays a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The keywords used in your blog articles lead to high rankings in search engines like Google.
  • Increases the demand for your product/ service by attracting potential customers.
  • Contributes to enhancing brand loyalty and customer retention.
  • Directs and increases traffic to your website.
  • Benefits the company in the long term too as it is a permanent source of information.
  • Keeping your blog content updated helps the customers follow the work of your company and, in turn, leads to better customer relationships.

With social media marketing capturing most of the attention, it’s easy to forget about the impact of blogging. But blogs are the base that provides a strong foundation for the entire marketing strategy.

Are you a freelancer with interest in writing blogs or an established company providing content writing services? Regardless of the category, you fall in, creating content that meets your client’s expectations is your primary responsibility. So, what do you do if you have too many clients asking you to write multiple blogs for them? Having a hard time keeping track of everything?

Well, don’t worry! With Stackby’s Blog Content Calendar Template, you can plan everything on a single interface!

Our Blog Content Calendar Template will enable you to:

  • Plan and manage your content writing work for multiple clients in one place.
  • Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and deadlines with the template’s in-built calendar.
  • Monitor the blogs you and your team are currently working on and the level of difficulty.
  • Record the average CPC of each article.
  • Attach the graphics associated with each blog post and store the name of the designer.
  • Attach the target persona of each article to ensure that the blog content meets the expectation of the client.

With Stackby’s Blog Content Calendar Template, you can plan and optimize your content writing strategy with minimum effort and reap the maximum benefit! Combine it with automated keyword research template & content marketing distribution template, to take your content marketing workflows to the next level. 

Video Production Planning and Tracking Templates

Video Production Planning and Tracking

If you are given a choice between reading a long-winded description of a product or watching a YouTube video on the same, there is a high probability that you will choose the latter. 

Videos allow an individual to express their ideas and a company to showcase their products in a visual, interactive, and engaging format.

Videos are easy to understand and drive traffic to your company’s website. They are easily searchable and allow companies to showcase their products uniquely. You can reach a wider audience with a YouTube channel’s help and analyse the performance of these videos via YouTube metrics.

However, planning and producing a video is not a simple endeavour. From the type of video, the video content to its budget allocation, video production planning requires careful consideration of several factors.

After the video has been produced and uploaded, its performance needs to be analysed as well in order to understand if the video production’s current strategy is working. YouTube metrics such as the number of views, likes, dislikes, comments, etc. give creators an idea about the video’s overall impact.

However, planning the production of a video and tracking video metrics is a herculean task which requires a great deal of acute planning and management. With multiple videos and a wide range of metrics data, tracking everything can be quite a handful. 

Well, don’t worry! Stackby is here with a solution for you!

We have created a video production template for you! Whether you run your own YouTube channel or a video production agency, this template is the perfect partner for video production activities.

Here’s how you can use the template to streamline your production process and monitor YouTube video metrics in a single place. The template allows you to:

  • Record the details of all the videos on a single platform.
  • Store the details of the brand concerning each video.
  • Record the type of each video in the list. It can be a trailer, snippet, etc.
  • Collaborate with your video production team to manage the process end-to-end. 
  • Add the title of the video to the template itself. 
  • Record the duration of the video in the video production planning template.
  • Maintain and update the details as and when required.

The template can also be viewed in Kanban style which will help you to get clearer and quicker access to multiple information about a certain video.

You can also use the video production template to track the video metrics and manage video reporting in the same place. 

All you have to do is integrate a column with YouTube API. This will allow you to pull in metrics data directly to the corresponding row. You can choose which information you want to look at, and refer to it anytime to get the latest data.

You can track and monitor the number of likes, dislikes, views, comments, etc. and even bring title, description, video tags and more. This API can be scheduled for auto-updation which allows you to kick back and assess YouTube performance in real-time

If you're a video production team or running a YouTube channel, the Video Production Planning & Tracking template is a must have to ensure smooth workflows.

Social Media Management Templates

Social Media Management

As a social media company, what’s the most common challenge you face in the daily workflow? Do you still manage your flow process on different spreadsheets? Would you rather have all your data and process mapped out onto a collaborative, single platform where everyone is on the same page or would you prefer one where the processes are mapped onto different ones? Social Media operation requires a great degree of organisation, finesse and flexibility. Our Social Media Management Template offers you these in a unified platform along with a host of customization options.

No matter what your Social Media strategy is, the Stackby Social Media Management Stack helps you manage social media campaigns easily. In addition to logging your social media plans, you can also track the channels that were used and popularity of each social media post with the Metrics table in our template. Want something more elaborate for your social media team? Just adapt and add/replace your own fields. It’s that simple!

With the Social Media Management Template, you can:

  • Collaborate with your team in real time on the status of each social media post or strategy
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to maximize the impact of posts
  • Add URLs to access the post on the social media platform
  • Attach images to be posted on the adjoining handles

Our Social Media Management Template makes the entire process transparent, organized and easy to track which ultimately streamline your social media strategy.

Digital Video Production Templates

Digital Video Production

Whether it’s promotional or product-specific, educational or explainer, companies create digital videos for almost every subject these days. 

Why are videos preferred over other means of information dissemination? Videos are visually appealing and engaging. The interactive and innovative videos are more likely to attract a potential customer than a written blog article. Therefore, having a Digital Video Production Template handy can be a big plus for those involved with video production. 

In addition to this, videos are one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website. They significantly enhance the social media presence of your company, which contributes to increased brand awareness.

Videos are crucial for any business today! However, creating these videos requires hard work and a substantial budget!

Keeping track of the status and production of all the videos can be quite chaotic! Stackby is here to create order out of the chaos.

With Stackby’s Digital Video Production Template, you can track your video production easily! Starting from details of your videos to information about your staff, this template will record everything!

Let’s see how our Digital Video Production Template will make your job easier. Using this template, you will be able to:

  • Record all the details concerning your videos on a single platform.
  • You can record the type/ category of a particular video (Educational/ Tour/ Vlog/ Event/ Product Launch/ After Event/ etc.).
  • Store the scheduled release date of each video. You can also record the length of the video.
  • Monitor and update the current status of every video (Research/ Scripting/ Recording/ Audio Sync/ Final Edit/ Live). You can also add the video URL to the template.
  • Add notes wherever necessary to facilitate better understanding.
  • Attach the thumbnail of the video to the template itself.
  • Record the budget assigned to each video. You can also monitor the amount spent on a particular video to date. This will give you the leftover budget amount. Using this data, you can plan and make further decisions regarding the video's production. 
  • Store the platform's details on which a particular video will be uploaded (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
  • Under the template's Platforms tab, you can monitor the total number of videos on each platform. You can also monitor the total budget allocated and spent on the same platform.
  • Record the details of the video agency.
  • Assign a video manager to each video and add the staff members' names working on the same.
  • Record each staff member's contact details and track the number of videos that they are working on. Attach their picture to the template.
  • Track each staff member's current primary role (Editor/ Crew Manager/ Video/ etc.).

This Digital Video Production Template offers multiple views, including Gallery and Kanban, for easy visualization. You can sort and view your data easily! Collaborate with your team and use the Digital Video Production Template to make video production and tracking easy!

Content Operations Templates

Content Operations

Content operations are the process of planning, executing, and managing the content that any particular company presents across various media platforms. This can be done with the help of people, tools, planned processes, and technologies. Content operations decide the consumer's intake of the company's products and services through the presented content, which makes it essential to all the teams working through various pipelines.

How will Stackby’s Operations Template help you?

  • Stackby templates are designed to provide a complete overview of all the functions being performed across various platforms that concern the topic at hand. This means that you will be able to view any related managerial processes changes, tracking, and the accurate figures involved in the process of content creation.
  • The marketing objectives feature to help you prioritize your work according to the urgency. This enables you to mark your goals as each process is being passed. 
  • You are enabled to view and sort out your prepared content according to the type, status, owners, and platforms it is being posted on. 
  • Stackby is efficient with proving the tracking even after the publishing of your content. This means that you will generate reports on how the content is doing even after being published. 
  • The tracking feature will also help you mark the key differences between your goals and the actual objectives achieved in visitor counts, time spent on the article, and many more. 

Who will find this template useful?

This template will be useful for marketing firms who depend on blogging, videography, and other forms of content creation for their product promotion. This template is also very handy for project managers in these firms who look to maximize the outreach of their content and increase their office productivity. Content analysts are also set to benefit from using this template that will help them check the reception of the feed put out and thus create content structures accordingly.

Podcast Editorial Calendar Templates

Podcast Editorial Calendar

Let’s face it, running a podcast is hard, especially when you’re starting out. You need to have an effective plan in place to really see any sustainable results from your effort. This is right from thinking about an episode idea to publishing and tracking its results.

At StackBy, we know how hard this is. Hence, we’ve created this podcast planning template. It covers everything from tracking your podcast episodes, guests, sponsorships, and more.

Here’s we’ve tried to cover all major elements in the podcast planning template. The template is divided into five different sheets -

  1. Podcast Episodes - This sheet allows how to track the progress of each podcast idea, right from prospecting to when it goes live. You can sort by date, podcast status and even by the host (in case multiple people are collaborating on a single podcast)
  2. Guests - This sheet helps you track the guests you’ve tried to approach and additional details like Job title, Company Name, and more.
  3. Transcript - If you convert each episode into a transcript, this sheet will be very useful. You can use it to track the status of the transcript, especially when you’ve had the task outsourced.
  4. Podcast Sponsorships - It lets you track all the current sponsorships and invoices.
  5. Podcast ad units - Helps you map the ad units with the companies.

If you want to use the podcast editorial calendar template, just create a free account on Stackby and click on “Copy Stack”. StackBy helps non-technical folks make the most out of spreadsheets. It allows you to build and customize solutions the way you want. Happy Podcasting!

Communication Editorial Calendar Template

Use this stack

Staying prepared for tight schedules, busy weeks, or content promotion is necessary for a firm. This allows them to cover their goals without overwhelming and overworking their employees. Stackby’s Communication Editorial Calendar Template simplifies this work and helps you stay ahead in scheduling and preparation for even the busiest week of work. 

How will Stackby’s Communication Editorial Calendar Template assist you?

  • This template provides you with the facility of an in-built calendar that tracks the amount of work scheduled for a particular period. 
  • With the help of this template, you will be able to view all your scheduled work in one place, along with its descriptions and attachments supporting it. 
  • It also records the platform of content promotion and the key takeaways from the preparations. 
  • The facility of column division helps to segregate the content and the manner of their posting. 
  • The communication editorial template also provides the information of the organizer responsible for the projects. 
  • The objectives can be recorded and work simplified to fit into this narrative. This guarantees that the firm's goals are met on time. 

Who will find this template helpful?

Publishing firms, bloggers, editors, freelancers, and other businesses relying on promotion through SEO friendly platforms will be finding the use of this template.