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Legal Client Intake Form Template

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Legal Client Intake Form Template
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Have you ever thought about how important your client intake form is? Most lawyers or people who provide legal services give a form to every client, preferably known as the legal client intake form. This form asks for complete information from the client regarding themselves, their family, and the legal matter for which they want to seek advice. 

Why does your client intake form matter?

  1. Form a great first impression: The client intake form is the first thing that a new or potential client looks for in your firm. It can set the right tone for a trustworthy relationship. 
  2. Showcase professionalism: A strong intake form says that you are a competent, professional lawyer on whom a client can rely. 
  3. Collect the right information: You can use the client intake form to collect the right information about your clients. Your legal intake form is critical to ensuring you have the information you need. 

Who can use Stackby’s Legal Client Intake Form Template?

Stackby’s Legal Client Intake Form Template is built for law firms, attorneys, legal advisors, lawyers, advocates, legal case managers, legal operations managers, administrative staff, etc. 

What is included in Stackby’s Legal Client Intake Form Template?

  1. Basic contact information: A strong client intake form should collect all the important information about a client that you need to address their legal matters. Neglecting this information may cause you to lose your lead. So make sure you are storing their full name, address, email, phone number, date of birth, and photo. 
  2. Case information: The next important thing you need in a client intake form is their case information. For instance, the nature of their case, details of their case, and important date, time, and events. This information is necessary for you to proceed with their case. 
  3. The annual income of clients: It is important for you to know about the annual income of your potential clients. Your prospect should not only be to hire qualified clients but also the clients who can pay you. The target income that you set might vary from your competitors but the knowledge of your annual income is essential to find the right clients. 

How will Stackby’s Legal Client Intake Form Template help you? 

Stackby’s pre-built legal client intake form template helps you to store and manage important client information for future use in just a few clicks. You can share our pre-built client intake form with your clients by customizing it as per your requirements. With this client intake form template, you can do the following:

  • Keep a track of all your new and old clients 
  • Track the status of the cases/clients (In Process, Pending, At Next Stage, etc)
  • Tracking the intake date of every client
  • Recording important information about every client (Gender, Date of Birth, Birth Place, State Born in, etc)
  • Storing the personal details of every client (Current Address, Current City, Current State, Country, Zip Code, Driver’s License, etc)
  • Storing the contact information of clients (Email address, Phone number, Home Phone number, Emergency Contact number, etc)
  • Storing the professional details of clients (Designation, Work Contact number, Annual Salary, Office Address, Work Country, etc)
  • Storing the spouse details of clients (Spouse Name, Spouse Date of Birth, Spouse Contact number, Spouse Work Position, Spouse Address, Spouse City, Spouse State, Spouse Country, etc)
  • Taking note of the purpose of the visit of the clients

Use our legal client intake form template and put your best foot forward with new clients.

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