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Marketing Content Promotion Tracker Template

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Marketing Content Promotion Tracker Template
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A product has to be marketed appropriately to reach and appeal to the targeted audience. Therefore, promotion becomes an integral part of the marketing process that helps to generate sales. Stackby is here to simplify this process with the Marketing Promotion Template and thus efficiently market your products/services. 

How will Stackby’s Marketing Content Promotion Template assist you?

  • This template comes with features that allow you to record the details of all the marketing events.
  • The template helps you categorize the events according to their duration, status, and commencement and closure date. 
  • With the help of this template, you will also be able to view the titles of the marketing programs, their formats, descriptions, producers and the attached image uploaded beforehand.
  • You can also view the assets, their progress status, due dates and dates of release. 
  • The type of content being promoted is recorded and can be sorted according to the type, rating, and person responsible for it.
  • This template helps you keep track of all your marketing content promotion programs, including the counts, owners, titles and assets, simplifying your work of promoting your content and reaching a wider audience. 

Who will find this template helpful?

Content promoters, marketing firms, freelancers, and hospitality businesses will especially be finding this template extremely useful.

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