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Print Editorial Calendar Template

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Print Editorial Calendar Template
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Are you struggling to keep track of your print editorial content? Look no further than Stackby's Print Editorial Calendar Template! This customizable template is the perfect solution to help you plan and organize your print content for maximum impact.

Sounds interesting? Read this guide to get a better understanding of this outstanding tool:

A Brief Overview of Stackby's Print Editorial Calendar Template

Stackby's Print Editorial Template is a versatile tool designed to revolutionize your editorial process. It provides a centralized platform for organizing and managing your monthly editorials, whether in print or digital format.

From tracking article statuses and author assignments to setting deadlines and monitoring publication dates, this template streamlines your workflow and ensures seamless collaboration.

Who is This Print Editorial Template for?

Stackby's Print Editorial Template is perfect for publishers, editors, content managers, and anyone involved in the editorial process. Whether you are managing print publications, online magazines, or blog content, this template caters to all your editorial needs.

Why Do You Need Stackby's Print Editorial Calendar Template?

  • Centralize monthly issue details, cover pages, and finishing dates, ensuring timely completion and release.
  • Seamlessly organize editorial topics, notes, and descriptions for enhanced clarity.
  • Monitor editorial status (Research/Designing/Editing/Final Check/Released) and track total pages and articles.
  • Utilize the Kanban mode to view and manage editorial progress intuitively.
  • Record and manage article details, authors, publication months, and their statuses.
  • Attach relevant files and add notes to streamline article management.
  • Keep track of scheduled completion dates and author contact information for seamless communication.
  • Distribute workload evenly by tracking the number of articles assigned to each author.
  • Maintain and update month-wise issue details effortlessly.

How to Use This Print Editorial Calendar Template?

Using this template is incredibly easy. After signing up and logging into your Stackby account, access the template and create a new stack by clicking the "Use Template" button. Then, customize the template by adding or removing columns, rearranging tables, and configuring views as per your requirements.

Ways to Customize Our Print Editorial Calendar Template

Here is how you can tailor Stackby's Print Editorial Calendar Template in the exact way you want:

  1. Add or import additional tables to accommodate unique editorial needs.
  2. Establish connections between different tables using the Link column type.
  3. Explore additional functionalities like Lookup and Aggregation for advanced data management and analysis.
  4. Customize column headers, formats, and formulas as per your preference.
  5. Rearrange tables and adjust views to align with your workflow.

Tables That Come with Our Print Editorial Calendar Template

Articles: This table allows you to track and manage the details of each article, such as the article title, status, scheduled completion date, attachments, and notes.

Issue Month: It enables you to record the details of each month's issue, including the cover page, finishing date, release date, and main topic.

Authors: With its aid, you keep track of the authors involved in your editorial process. You can even store their names, contact details and assign them to specific articles or issues.

In the Print Editorial Template, you can link the tables together using the Link Column Type to create interesting insights. For example, you can link the Articles table with the Authors table to track which authors are assigned to specific articles or issues. By linking the Articles table with the Issue Month table, you can associate each article with a particular month's issue.

These connections enable you to analyze author contributions, track articles across different issues, and gain insights into the overall editorial process. Additionally, you have the flexibility to add or import additional tables to customize the template further based on your unique requirements and enhance your editorial management.

Ready to Supercharge Your Editorial Workflow?

Streamline your publishing process, collaborate seamlessly with authors, and meet deadlines effortlessly with our Print Editorial Calendar Template.

Sign up today on Stackby and experience a new level of organization and efficiency!

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