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Content Distribution Checklist Template

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Content Distribution Checklist Template
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Content distribution is the act of promoting content in various forms on online platforms to target the audience and make them aware of your product or service. It can be done through a blog, social media, or email newsletter. But the most-used channel is social media for such kinds of promotions.

A lot of brands use multiple social media, ads, communities, etc. as a means to promote their products. However, keeping track of multiple content distribution tasks can prove to be quite challenging. The best way to keep track of all your content distribution effort is to maintain a checklist. Our Content Distribution Checklist Template is uniquely designed for this very purpose.

A content distribution checklist template will help you manage and control all the checklists at once, and you will be in control of every promotional activity going on.

Why Do You Need It?

Creating content is not the only part of content marketing. You need to maximize the reach of content marketing efforts by continually promoting and re-promoting the content. Your content distribution efforts will majorly be divided in three categories – social media, owned media and third-party media. Therefore, a great deal of planning and organisation is required post content creation and this is where Stackby’s Content Distribution Checklist Template comes into play.

In addition to distributing content, you also need to include the next steps you want your reader to take after or while going through your content. You need a content distribution checklist to make sure that you keep a track of all your content distribution efforts easily.

But preparing and managing such a checklist for so many different tasks is a very heavy workload and time-consuming. A content distribution checklist template will serve as a problem-solver in this situation.

With the template, you can keep track of all the distribution checklists in one place and manage them all easily.

Who will this be useful for?

This free content distribution checklist template will be useful for content managers, marketers, marketing teams, business owners, SMEs, and Marketing agencies.

How can Stackby’s Content Distribution Checklist Template help you?

You can keep every kind of information about the content distribution on different columns, such as the task name, notes, platform, status, and context, in one place. It can also be made according to your wants and filter as you see fit.

Using content distribution template, you can:

  • List all your content distribution efforts according to priority or convenience.
  • Add notes to the listings to give a better understanding about the tasks listed in the checklist
  • List the name of the platforms for each task you want to undertake
  • Track the status of all the listed tasks by creating a checklist to mark as done when the task is completed.
  • You can also add the name of the content that is going to be promoted according to the listed task
  • You can access the multiple sheets in the stack listed according to your convenience, and you can add more as well.

Stackby’s Content distribution checklist template is completely customizable and easy-to-use. If you are elevating your content marketing efforts, the content distribution template is a must for you!  

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