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Email Marketing Calendar Template

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With new and different marketing channels flooding the digital workspace, it is easy to ignore the once widely used email. However, email campaigning continues to be one of the most powerful methods of marketing, even today!

As the name suggests, email marketing or campaigning is a marketing strategy that involves sending emails to potential and current customers to increase brand awareness and loyalty. If done correctly, email campaigning is highly effective and continues to be one of the most effective marketing techniques.

With social media, blogs, videos, and advertisements taking up most of your marketing resources, you might be tempted to question the wisdom of investing in email marketing.

So, Why is email marketing preferred?

  • Personalization: Email marketing, unlike social media, allows you to send customized messages to your customers, thereby increasing your chances of conversion.
  • Allows you to build one-on-one relationships with customers and, in turn, increases brand loyalty and customer retention.
  • Investment vs Return: Email marketing is extremely cost-effective, and the return on investment is high.
  • Easy to use: Developing and implementing an email marketing campaign is easy.
  • Targeted Audience: Your email campaign can be designed to reach a wider audience or to target specific customers who have shown prior interest in your product.

These are just a few of the reasons why email marketing has to be a crucial part of your entire marketing strategy. Along with it, the incorporation of our Email Marketing Calendar Template would be a healthy addition. 

The entire process from creating and sending an email to ensuring conversion involves several steps. Do you need help keeping regular tabs on the whole campaign? Do you want to conduct the best possible email campaign with the resources you have? 

Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Stackby’s Email Marketing Calendar Template has been designed to meet all your marketing needs with the click of a single button! 

Our email marketing calendar template will enable you to store and update everything on a single interface. With all the easily available free email marketing templates, why should you choose Stackby? Here is why! Using our email campaign template, you can:

  • Keep a detailed record of each email campaign.
  • Store the graphics and content attached to each campaign.
  • Set a goal and assign a lead to ensure that the work is done.
  • Segment the target group as required for your marketing strategy.
  • Track the number of subscribers in each segment.
  • Record the start and end date of each campaign.
  • Track the number of emails sent, delivered, opened, and clicked.
  • Measure and store the email deliverability, open rate, and user conversion.
  • Record the total number of sign-ups and paid users.
  • Monitor and update each detail as and when required.

If you're using MailChimp, you can automatically bring your email metrics right inside your tables with no-code integrations. Check out this email campaign tracking template. 

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