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Product Launch Calendar Template

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Product Launch Calendar Template
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A product launch template is necessary to ensure that your product launch plan is on schedule. Ensure that nothing is left behind, prioritize all the features of your product, and ensure that the whole team is on the same page when it comes to your product launch.

What is a product launch?

A product launch is the amalgamation of a company’s united efforts to debut a new product in the market and make it available for the public to purchase. It serves many purposes for the organization, such as fostering brand recognition, expansion, attracting new customers, and boosting profits.

Whenever your team is going to launch any product in the market, they will need a product launch plan to follow through. Your product launch plan is going to be a blueprint that not only will keep your team updated about the multiple goals for the product; it will also create a to-do list for the team.

Following your product launch plans, your product marketing team will need a checklist to track every task in the product journey. But maintaining a checklist is very tedious if it has to be done separately for every element or activity; this is where the product launch plan template steps in.

Why do we need a product launch template?

A product launch template will help you keep track of every activity regarding the product launch. It will also let you know about the status and every other detail of each stage of the product launch at a glance.

Proper communication, setting up clear goals, a strict timeline, and other processes are essential parts of any product launch. This is why a lot of teams start off by creating a product launch checklist from the start.

A product launch template will help you keep all the launch details clear and keep the cross-functional teams connected. It will help you visualize a complete timeline for the product launch and share goals, messages, and keep a tab on the status of work assigned.

You will be able to pull out any details regarding the product launch at any time and analyze it for future use. A product launch template makes your work quite accessible and convenient to everyone involved.

How to create a great product launch plan?

1. Do customer research: find what your potential customer requires and whether their needs match your plans.

2. Create actionable goals: set product goals, sales goals, and marketing goals, and list out the key performance indicators (KPIs) for each.

3. Organize your product launch template: visualize your strategy and save time using our product launch template.

What is included in this product launch plan template?

We wanted to include a basic framework of product launch in our template so that it can also act as a product plan launch checklist template for you. Our product launch template includes three tables:

1. All Features: This table includes details about the features of the new product. For instance, feature status (in progress/ready, etc.), product leads, product theme, feature description, launch email, press release, and so on.

2. Product Launch: This table includes details about the product type, its description, features, etc.

3. Monthly Newsletter: This table includes details of the monthly newsletter published to share updates on the new features added to your product.

How will Stackby’s product launch template help you?

The product launch template from Stackby will help you review the overall performance of the new product launch.

Using the Product Launch Template, you will be able to:

  • Record all the details of each product or feature launch on a single interface.
  • Add images and documents related to the product to the template itself.
  • Track the feature status in real-time (Ready/ Completed/ In-Progress/ Not Started).
  • Assign a lead to each product.
  • Track the theme of all the products (New Product Launch/ Software Update/ etc.).
  • Store a description of the features.
  • Monitor the target completion and target launch date.
  • Track the launch status of each product or feature.
  • Keep track of the press release, blog post, launch email, support article, ads, and promotions.
  • Track the complexity and value of each launch.
  • You can access the product launch template in the Kanban view as well, which will help you keep track of various products’ status.
  • You can also access the calendar view to keep track of the important dates regarding the product launch.

Who will find this product launch template helpful?

This template will be best used by product marketing managers, product launch teams, marketing teams, engineering managers, startups, and SMEs.

The product launch template is completely customizable, and you can categorize the data and filter it accordingly. If you are gearing up for your next product launch, this is the template for you!You may also find these templates useful: Product Roadmap, Product Competitor Analysis 

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