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Your Complete Guide to Growth Hacking

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Data Enrichment

Generating leads from different sources is one of the most critical tasks in any company. There is a wealth of customer data present and finding the maximum amount of said data will help you land your next client.

Enriching the leads generated with the right tool can allow your company to achieve smarter lead scoring and run more personalized email campaigns. Data enrichment tools enhance your collected customer data and make it more useful for targeting potential clients.

This lead data collected is further used for marketing purposes and has a greater chance of being converted into actual customers. Data enrichment has an extremely high return on investment. Therefore, utilizing our Data Enrichment Template is a no-brainer. 

What is Clearbit, and how will it help you? 

Clearbit is an online tool that is used for finding contact numbers and email addresses of potential customers. It has a high accuracy rate and is a reliable software used by top companies of the world. It automatically updates your sales record and provides verified, and quality company contact information. It provides a clear method to manage sales activities.

With the Person Enrichment API from Clearbit, you can get a detailed background of a person and their corresponding company profile based on an email address or a website domain. It allows you to get access to the individual’s name, location, social handles, and company designation.

Every company develops its strategy to record and enrich customer lead data. Are you looking for a way to simplify the entire process for your company? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. With this Company Data Enrichment Template, storing and updating lead information will be a walk in the park. 

Bid adieu to the days of maintaining multiple databases and spreadsheets for your client and company information. Stackby’s Data Enrichment Template allows you to monitor every detail about them from a single interface. 

Using our tailor-made data enrichment template, you will now be able to:

  • Keep detailed records of all the potential customers in one place.
  • Import data automatically from Clearbit directly to your enrichment template.
  • Add a description to each company for a better understanding of the same.
  • Record the year in which the company was founded and its current employee strength.
  • Monitor the company’s global site rank and the current number of AngelList followers.
  • Add information generated from the Person Enrichment API to the template.
  • Store the full name and current location of your company contacts/leads.
  • Record the current title of the individual in the company and add a description to the same.
  • Get access to other personal information including, but not limited to, the alma mater of the concerned person.
  • Import and update details as and when required.

Generate new leads every day and enrich the collected data without breaking a sweat with Stackby’s Data Enrichment Template and manage your CRM with ease. 

On-page SEO Reporting

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the strategy used to optimize the content of your website to increase its visibility and ranking in organic search engine results. SEO increases the quality and quantity of traffic through your website.

When a person looks for something on a search engine, the latter crawls through websites looking for content that matches the keywords entered by the user. Your job is to make sure that the search engine picks and displays your website first if it matches the user’s query.

Why is SEO important?

Companies across the globe are devoting increasing time and resources to SEO in recent times. The question arises: why?

  • SEO focuses on organic results which are considered by users to be more credible and generate far more traffic than paid advertisements.
  • It increases visibility and enhances the user experience to a large extent.
  • It increases traffic to your website, which can lead to greater conversions.
  • Effective SEO can give you that extra edge over your competitor.
  • Allows you to understand what users search for and optimize your website content accordingly.
  • It is a cost-effective strategy to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Thus, SEO is the cornerstone of online marketing and brand awareness and Stackby’s On-page SEO Reporting Template serves as the foundation for SEO Success. 

What is On-Page SEO?

When you optimize the contents of your website itself to increase website traffic, it is called on-page SEO. On the other hand, when you optimize content by taking actions outside your website, it is called off-page SEO. External backlinks form a part of off-page SEO. What is covered under on-page SEO?

  • Use of keywords in your website content and URL.
  • Tracking the speed of your web pages.
  • Adding a meta description to your article content.
  • Adding paragraph subheadings (H1, H2) to enhance user experience.
  • Perfect your website using all such methods and move on to off-page and technical SEO.

Mastering the art of SEO and keeping track of every aspect can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re here. Stackby’s Website SEO Performance Tracking Template is tailor-made to assist you in your SEO strategy!

With Google PageSpeed API integration, this Website SEO reporting template will track your SEO reports and help you optimize your website in real-time by allowing you to:

  • Keep track of every page or website that is a part of your SEO process.
  • Record the document title and meta description used on the website.
  • Record and update the SEO audit score.
  • Monitor the crawlable and canonical aspects of the website.
  • Monitor and update all SEO related data as and when required.

Now keep track of every detail of your website's technical SEO process with the On-page SEO Reporting template. Use it in tandem with Website Performance Tracking template to cover both performance and SEO metrics with Google PageSpeed API integration.

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Sales CRM

Are you struggling to keep track of your sales management tasks and customer relationships? Do you find it challenging to manage all your sales interactions and opportunities? If yes, look no further than Stackby's Sales CRM Template!

This template is a game-changer for businesses looking to effortlessly keep current customers happy while attracting new leads in a breeze. 

What is Customer Relationship Management or CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that involves managing customer interactions and relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. Its main goal is to improve customer satisfaction, increase loyalty, and drive revenue growth by providing personalized and consistent experiences.

What is Sales Management?

Sales management refers to the process of leading, organizing, and directing a team of sales professionals to meet or exceed the sales targets of a business. 

Why is Sales CRM Important for Your Business?

A solid sales management or CRM strategy is a must-have for any small business that wants to thrive and expand right from the get-go. Below are the key reasons to consider: 

  • Improves customer relationships and loyalty by providing personalized experiences.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity by automating routine tasks and workflows.
  • Helps identify and prioritize high-value sales opportunities.
  • Provides real-time insights into sales performance and trends.

And a lot more. 

Digging into Details About Stackby's Sales CRM Template

Stackby's Sales CRM Template is an effective tool designed to help businesses seeking to streamline their sales and customer relationship management processes. With its aid, you can manage your company's sales pipeline, keep track of opportunities, and track interactions with potential customers.

The best part about this template is that it provides a spreadsheet-style interface that allows you to store and organize all your data in one place, making it easier to manage and monitor your sales activities.

Who is This Sales CRM Template for?

Stackby's Sales CRM Template is perfect for small businesses and startups who want to manage their sales process effectively. Whether you're just starting or have been in business for years, it can help you streamline your sales management processes and boost your overall sales and revenue.

Why Do You Need Stackby's Sales CRM Template?

  • Get organized and stay on top of your sales game with this Sales CRM template!
  • Keep track of all your company dealings in one place - no more scattered information!
  • Store essential company details like industry type, employee strength, and website information.
  • Maintain up-to-date records of all your contacts within these companies.
  • Record contact details, including titles and relevant information.
  • Effortlessly monitor tasks for each company, keep everyone on the same page, and ensure timely completion by adding task notes to keep your team on track.
  • Link tables together to create a Sales KPI tracker specifically designed to monitor and measure the performance of your sales representatives.
  • Assign team leaders for each task for more effective task management.
  • Stay on top of your sales deals and their status (Won/Lost/Negotiating).
  • Update your CRM data regularly for a more accurate and effective system.

How to Use This Sales CRM Template?

If you have multiple products to keep track of, you may find our Multi Product CRM template useful.

If you are focusing on managing strategic partnerships, all you need is to opt for our Business Development CRM template.  

For those seeking to manage their personal contacts, the Personal CRM template is an excellent option to consider.

Ways to Customize Our Sales CRM Template

After copying this template to your Stackby Workspace, you can customize it per your requirements. Let's see how:

  1. Add custom fields to capture specific information relevant to your business needs.
  2. Create new tables, such as product or lead tables, to expand the functionality of your Sales CRM Template.
  3. Utilize filters and views to narrow down and focus on specific data subsets within your CRM.
  4. Streamline your workflow by incorporating automation features into your Sales CRM Template.
  5. Seamlessly integrate with popular third-party tools like Zapier, Slack, Trello, etc.

Tables Included in Our Sales CRM Template

  1. Opportunities: It allows you to track the potential deals that your company is currently pursuing.
  2. Interactions: This table lets you keep a tab of all the interactions you have with your customers, whether it's through phone calls, emails, or meetings.
  3. Companies: It enables you to maintain a comprehensive database of all the companies that you deal with.
  4. Contacts: With its aid, you can manage all your contacts in one place.

By linking these tables together using Link Column types, you can create relationships and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for your sales CRM. For example, you can link interactions to specific opportunities or contacts, track the number of interactions per opportunity, or measure the conversion rate from opportunities to closed deals. It enables you to generate meaningful insights, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and generate reports that provide a holistic view of your sales operations and performance.

You can also add or import tables depending on your unique requirements. This flexibility allows you to customize the template to suit your business needs and ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Ready to Simplify Your Sales Management Tasks and Customer Relationships?

With Stackby's Sales CRM Template, you can manage your sales pipeline and customer relationships more effectively, boosting overall sales and revenue.Try it out today by signing up on Stackby and experience a flawless sales management experience!

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Video Production Management

Video production is the process of creating and presenting content in the form of a video. Companies create video content on every subject these days, from promotional or product-specific to explainer and case study videos. As video is taking over as the king of content, a Video Production Management would definitely be a worthwhile addition.

Why is Video Production important?

Why has video production become such an essential aspect of almost every business in the present time? This is because videos allow a company to showcase its product visually, which attracts far more viewers than written text ever can. Videos are much more helpful because they are:

  • Interactive and easily searchable.
  • The best method to showcase your product uniquely.
  • Easy to understand and follow (Nobody likes going through pages of written information on a product!).
  • It is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website (Search engines like Google prioritize websites with more video content).
  • Enhance the social media presence of the company significantly.

While making videos for a client, it is essential to understand the video’s required content, budget, type of video, and target release date. These details need to be recorded carefully in a shooting schedule template to make sure that the video meets the client’s expectations. With many clients and multiple videos per client, keeping track of your work can turn out to be a herculean task.

But don’t worry! Stackby is here to make your lives all the more easier with our Video Production Management Template.

Our state-of-the-art video production management template will make video production a walk in the park for you! Our unique and easy-to-use product will help you manage and track all your video projects in one place. This video production management template keeps detailed records of your videos and clients and allows you to:

  • Track the videos for each agency.
  • Record the status of the video (Script Creation/ Pre-Production/ Edits/ Live).
  • Record the duration, platform, and type for each video.
  • Keep track of the release date of the video.
  • Check the amount spent on each video and the corresponding budget assigned it. This ensures that the video is produced within the budget.
  • Store details of the agency contacts to facilitate smooth communication.

Our production plan template is one of a kind and the most efficient way to manage your video production schedule. It will help you plan your video production with immense ease and help you get the work done without breaking a sweat!

Also, combine the Video Production Management Template with YouTube Video Tracker to automate your video reporting in the same place.  

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