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HR & Recruiting Templates

Our collection of free Human Resources templates are spreadsheets designed to help your company and HR department manage recruitment, employee directory, time-off requests, HR projects, payroll and more. Simply select and add a HR template (that fit your needs) to your workspace and start collecting or adding information.

You can also create employee forms, recruitment forms, leave request forms, attendance forms, feedback forms and more to start collecting information directly in your tables. You can then use different views - Kanban for pipeline, calendar for tracking key dates and gallery to see your directory, according to your workflow. With all your data organized in your custom Human Resources Template spreadsheet, you’ll ensure more efficient HR workflows and keep your employees happy.

Employee Feedback Form - free to use - Stackby Templates

Employee Feedback Form

What is a Feedback Form ? A feedback form is a structured document used to collect valuable insights, opinions, and assessments from individuals. In the context of the workplace, an Employee Feedback Form serves as a tool for employees to share their thoughts, experiences, and suggestions regarding various aspects of their work environment, performance, and overall satisfaction. What should you include in employee feedback forms ? Employee Information: Name, Department, Position. Performance Assessment: Areas to evaluate performance and achievements. Job Satisfaction: Questions on job contentment, work-life balance, and workplace culture. Specific Feedback: Sections for constructive feedback and improvement suggestions. Suggestions: Space for employees to propose ideas for enhancing workplace conditions. How to make feedback forms with Stackby ? Utilise Stackby's customizable templates, such as the Employee Feedback Form template linked above. Modify fields based on your specific requirements, including performance metrics, satisfaction ratings, and open-ended feedback sections. Leverage Stackby's collaboration features for real-time feedback collection and analysis. What is 360 Employee feedback ? 360-degree feedback involves gathering input from various sources, including peers, subordinates, and supervisors, in addition to the self-assessment of the employee. This comprehensive approach provides a well-rounded perspective on an employee's performance and behaviour. Tips for your Employee Feedback Form ? Keep questions clear and specific to gather actionable insights. Include a mix of quantitative (rating scales) and qualitative (open-ended) questions. Ensure anonymity if seeking honest and unbiased feedback. Periodically update and adapt the feedback form to reflect changing organisational needs. What to do with employee feedback ? Analyse feedback trends to identify areas for improvement. Recognize and acknowledge positive feedback. Develop action plans based on constructive criticism. Communicate changes and improvements to employees to demonstrate a commitment to their feedback. Creating an effective Employee Feedback Form with Stackby and utilising the insights gathered can contribute significantly to employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall organisational growth. Checkout more related Template : Agency Talent Management Template Employee Onboarding Form & Onboarding Template Employee Feedback tracker Template Employee Directory Template Employee Performance Management
Employee Performance Management Template | Stackby Templates

Employee Performance Management

Are you ready to transform the way you manage performance? Stackby's Employee Performance Management Template is the secret weapon you've been waiting for. It's not just another spreadsheet – a performance orchestra, harmonizing goals, feedback, and growth.  Empower your team, fuel their ambitions, and conduct a symphony of success that resonates throughout your organization. What is Employee Performance Management? Employee Performance Management is the process that involves setting clear performance goals, measuring and evaluating employee performance, providing feedback and coaching, and taking necessary actions to improve performance.  It is a systematic approach that organizations employ to ensure that employees are aligned with the company's objectives and working towards achieving desired outcomes. What is an Employee Performance Goal? Employee performance goals are specific objectives set by managers and employees to improve performance and contribute to the organization's overall success. These goals provide a clear direction for employees, aligning their efforts with the company's objectives. Why is it Important to Carry Out Performance Evaluations at Work? Performance evaluations play a vital role in assessing and improving employee performance. They provide an opportunity to review achievements, identify areas for development, and align individual goals with organizational objectives.  Regular evaluations foster growth, enhance productivity and enable effective workforce management. Unveiling Details About Stackby's Employee Performance Management Template Stackby's Employee Performance Management Template is designed to simplify and streamline the process of managing and evaluating employee performance.  It provides a comprehensive solution to set goals, track progress, and provide continuous feedback, empowering organizations to drive performance and achieve excellence. You can even do a monthly employee check in template.  Who can use Stackby Employee Performance Management Template ? This template suits businesses of all sizes and industries, prioritizing optimizing employee performance. It benefits HR managers, team leaders, and supervisors responsible for managing employee performance and ensuring alignment with organizational goals. Why Do You Need Stackby's Employee Performance Management Template? Clearly define performance goals for individual employees, ensuring alignment with the company's objectives. Monitor and track each employee's progress toward their goals, enabling timely intervention and support. Facilitate ongoing feedback and coaching to guide employees in achieving their performance goals. Foster effective communication between managers and employees, encouraging transparency and collaboration. Identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training and development opportunities to enhance employee skills. Conduct periodic performance evaluations to assess achievements, identify strengths, and address improvement areas. Maintain a centralized employee directory, including crucial information such as photos, tenure, job titles, and department details. Tables Included in Our Employee Performance Management Template Employee: This table lets you maintain a comprehensive employee directory, including essential details such as names, photos, joining dates, job titles, and departments. Performance: It helps you track and record individual employee performance data, including feedback and evaluation scores. Besides the Link Column Type, the Employee Performance Management Template supports other relational column types, including Lookup and Aggregation.  The Lookup function allows you to retrieve specific information from one table to another, enhancing data visibility and eliminating the need for manual data entry.  On the other hand, the Aggregation feature enables you to calculate and summarize performance metrics across multiple employees or teams, providing valuable insights into overall performance trends and benchmarks. 3 Ways to Customize Our Employee Performance Management Template Include relevant performance indicators to measure progress and assess achievements effectively. Customize feedback fields and options to capture valuable insights and suggestions. Utilize the link column type to connect employee information with performance data, enabling seamless navigation and analysis. Don't Wait Any Longer to Optimize Your Employee Performance Management Processes! Get started with Stackby today and experience a seamless and efficient way to manage and evaluate employee performance!
The Best Employee Scheduling Template Templates

Employee Scheduling

In today's dynamic work environments, efficient employee scheduling is crucial for maintaining productivity and ensuring seamless operations. Stackby's Employee Scheduling Template offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. Customizable and Free to Use Stackby's Employee Scheduling Template provides users with a highly customizable platform that adapts to their unique requirements. Whether you're managing a small team or a large workforce, this template can be easily tailored to suit your specific scheduling needs. The best part? It's completely free to use, empowering businesses of all sizes to streamline their scheduling processes without breaking the bank. Flexibility for Enhanced Dashboards With Stackby's flexible platform, users can seamlessly enhance the Employee Scheduling Template into dynamic dashboards. This flexibility allows for real-time visibility into employee schedules, enabling managers to make informed decisions quickly. Whether it's monitoring shift coverage, tracking overtime, or identifying scheduling conflicts, Stackby's dashboard capabilities provide unparalleled insights into workforce management. Comprehensive Database Management Stackby empowers users to maintain a comprehensive database of all scheduling-related information. From employee profiles and shift schedules to availability and time-off requests, the template serves as a centralized repository for critical workforce data. This centralized approach ensures data integrity and enables easy access to essential information whenever needed. Advanced Functionality with Lookup and Aggregation In addition to basic scheduling features, Stackby offers advanced functionalities like Lookup and Aggregation. The Lookup feature allows users to retrieve information from one table and display it in another table based on specified criteria. This capability simplifies data management and enhances the overall efficiency of the scheduling process. Moreover, the Aggregation feature enables users to perform complex calculations and analysis, further optimizing workforce management strategies. Comprehensive View with Templates Stackby's Employee Scheduling Template provides users with a comprehensive view of their workforce schedules. By incorporating various filters, columns, and sorting options, users can customize the template to meet their specific needs. Whether it's organizing schedules by phase, assigned tasks, or dates, Stackby offers the flexibility to tailor the template according to individual preferences. Stackby Vs Other Templates Customization and Flexibility Unlike other employee scheduling templates, Stackby offers unparalleled customization options, allowing users to adapt the template to their unique requirements effortlessly. Advanced Functionalities Stackby stands out with its advanced functionalities such as Lookup and Aggregation, providing users with powerful tools to streamline workforce management processes. Free to Use While many scheduling solutions come with hefty price tags, Stackby's Employee Scheduling Template is completely free to use, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Streamline your employee scheduling processes and enhance workforce management efficiency with Stackby's Employee Scheduling Template. Customize, organize, and optimize your schedules with ease, all within a user-friendly platform. Try Stackby today and experience the difference firsthand! Why Choose Stackby's Employee Scheduling Template? Stackby's Employee Scheduling Template offers a versatile and user-friendly solution for businesses seeking to optimize their workforce management processes. With its customizable features, advanced functionalities, and comprehensive view of scheduling data, Stackby empowers organizations to take control of their scheduling needs effectively. Experience the benefits of Stackby's Employee Scheduling Template today and revolutionize the way you manage your workforce. Checkout more related Template : Agency Talent Management Template 
Employee Task List Template by Stackby Templates

Employee Task List

Stackby's Employee Task List Template In today's dynamic work environments, effective task management is crucial for ensuring productivity and meeting deadlines. Stackby presents an innovative solution with its customizable Employee Task List Template, designed to streamline workflows and enhance team collaboration. This free-to-use template empowers users with a range of features tailored to meet diverse project requirements. At the core of Stackby's Employee Task List Template are its customizable filters and columns, providing flexibility to adapt to various project structures and preferences. Whether organizing tasks by phase, assigned team member, or due date, users can effortlessly tailor the template to suit their specific needs. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into existing workflows, promoting efficiency and clarity in task management. One standout feature of Stackby's template is its comprehensive filtering options. Users can easily find, sort, group, and filter tasks based on multiple criteria, enabling quick access to relevant information. This functionality not only simplifies task tracking but also facilitates prioritization, allowing teams to focus on critical activities and optimize resource allocation. Furthermore, Stackby's Employee Task List Template offers seamless file management capabilities. Users can leverage designated columns to upload files directly within the template, consolidating all relevant details in one accessible location. This integration eliminates the need for disparate storage solutions, fostering centralized communication and collaboration among team members. Why is Stackby's Employee Task List Template Better? Certainly, let's delve deeper into the points of difference between Stackby's Employee Task List Template and other similar templates: 1. Customization Flexibility - Stackby offers unparalleled customization options, allowing users to define and modify columns, filters, and views according to their specific project needs. - Unlike traditional templates with fixed structures, Stackby empowers users to adapt the template to diverse workflows, ensuring seamless integration into existing processes. 2. Comprehensive Filtering - Stackby's template provides extensive filtering capabilities, enabling users to refine task lists based on multiple criteria such as phase, assigned team member, priority, and due date. - Unlike basic filtering options in other templates, Stackby allows users to apply multiple filters simultaneously, facilitating granular control over task organization and prioritization. 3. Integrated File Management - Stackby simplifies document management by offering built-in file upload functionality within the task list template. - Unlike templates that rely on external storage solutions or separate document repositories, Stackby enables users to consolidate task-related files directly within the template, enhancing accessibility and organization. 4. Collaborative Workflow - Stackby fosters seamless collaboration through centralized task management, facilitating real-time communication and coordination among team members. - Unlike standalone task lists, Stackby's template supports collaborative editing, comments, and notifications, ensuring all team members stay informed and aligned on project progress. 5. User-Friendly Interface - Stackby prioritizes user experience with an intuitive interface that caters to individuals at all skill levels. - Unlike complex or cumbersome templates, Stackby's interface is designed for ease of use, minimizing learning curves and maximizing productivity from the get-go. By emphasizing these points of difference, users can better understand the unique advantages offered by Stackby's Employee Task List Template compared to other alternatives. Whether seeking flexibility, functionality, collaboration, or simplicity, Stackby stands out as a comprehensive solution for effective task management. It represents a paradigm shift in task management, offering unmatched flexibility, functionality, and usability. Whether for individual projects or team-wide initiatives, this template empowers users to optimize workflow efficiency and achieve superior results. Experience the transformative power of Stackby's template today and revolutionize your approach to task management. Ready to elevate your task management experience? Unlock the full potential of your team with Stackby's Employee Task List Template. Visit to access the template and start maximizing productivity today! Checkout more related Template : Employee Onboarding Form & Onboarding Template Employee Feedback tracker Template Employee Directory Template Employee Performance Management Employee Feedback Form 
Daily Attendance Sheet Template - Free to use - Stackby Templates

Daily Attendance Sheet

Are you tired of the tedious and time-consuming task of managing daily attendance? Fret no more! We have the ultimate solution for you – the Daily Attendance Sheet Template by Stackby.  It is the perfect solution for schools, businesses, and event organizers seeking to simplify their attendance tracking process. With our user-friendly Daily Attendance Sheet Template, you can bid farewell to the days of manual attendance tracking. This efficient tool empowers you to record daily attendance effortlessly and accurately.  So, it's time to adopt a more organized and streamlined approach to attendance management, which allows you to focus on what truly matters – educating, growing your business, or delivering a successful event. What is a Daily Attendance Form or Sheet? A Daily Attendance Form or Sheet is a structured document used to record and track the attendance status of individuals on a daily basis. It is commonly used in various settings such as educational institutions, workplaces, events, and meetings.  The form typically includes a list of names or IDs of individuals expected to be present and columns or checkboxes to mark their attendance for each day. It serves as a crucial tool for organizations to keep track of attendance records, facilitating better management and decision-making. Why Do You Need a Free Printable Daily Attendance Sheet? Having a Free Printable Daily Attendance Sheet is essential for various reasons: Efficient Attendance Tracking: The template allows you to easily mark attendance for each day, enabling quick and accurate tracking. Time-Saving Solution: Automating attendance records saves time, freeing up valuable resources for other vital tasks. Comprehensive Record-Keeping: The template helps maintain organized and detailed attendance data, which can be crucial for various purposes, such as payroll and performance evaluation. How to Make a Daily Attendance Sheet? With Stackby's Daily Attendance Sheet Template, creating a Daily Attendance Sheet is effortless. The template provides a pre-structured table where you can input attendance data daily. Simply add names or IDs of individuals, and mark their attendance with ease. About Stackby's Daily Attendance Sheet Template Our Daily Attendance Sheet Template is designed to cater to a wide range of organizations and industries. The template includes tables to record attendance for each day and employee information for easy reference. Who is This Daily Attendance Sheet Template for? This template is ideal for businesses, educational institutions, and organizations requiring daily attendance tracking. From small startups to large corporations, the Daily Attendance Sheet Template offers a seamless solution for efficient attendance management. Why Do You Need Stackby's Daily Attendance Sheet Template? Effortlessly manage and record daily attendance for classrooms, offices, events, and more. Eliminate manual paperwork and save valuable time with automated attendance management. Ensure precise attendance records, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies. Integrate with other Stackby features like apps and powerups for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making. Improve productivity and focus on essential tasks. Table Included in Our Daily Attendance Sheet Template Employees: This table allows you to input and manage employee details, such as names, ages, and roles. Daily Attendance: This table is designed to record daily attendance data for employees via attendance forms. You can mark attendance for each day, indicating the check-in, check-out time, and total hours.  Ways to Customize Our Daily Attendance Sheet Template Include fields for specific details like employee IDs, job titles, or event participant categories. Extend functionality by adding more tables for tasks like leave management or performance evaluation. Implement formulas to calculate attendance percentages or automate data calculations for in-depth analysis. Choose table view options like grid, kanban, form, calendar, or gallery, depending on your preference and ease of data interpretation. Use the Lookup feature to fetch specific data from linked tables, enabling quick access to relevant information, like employee details or team affiliations. Utilize the Aggregation function to perform calculations on attendance data, such as calculating the total number of days an employee was present or absent during a specified period. Leverage the power of Stackby Power-Ups like Stack Export, Microsoft Excel Importer, Google Sheet Importer, etc., to enhance efficiency and simplify tasks. Take Control of Your Attendance Management Process with Our Daily Attendance Sheet Template! Try it out today and witness the difference it brings to your attendance tracking process.Check out other related Templates :Agency Template Management
Employee Feedback Tracker Template By Stackby Templates

Employee Feedback Tracker

Have you ever struggled with managing and analyzing employee performance reviews and feedback? If so, you're not alone. Providing and receiving feedback can be challenging, and tracking it all can be overwhelming.  That is why Stackby has come up with Employee Feedback Tracker Template – a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for managing all your employee feedback and performance reviews in one place. Now, let's uncover further details about this powerful tool in the following sections: How to Give Employee Feedback? Giving feedback to employees is an essential part of the employee performance review process. It allows managers to provide constructive criticism and praise to help employees grow and improve their skills.  Effective feedback should be specific, objective, and actionable. It should focus on behaviors and outcomes rather than personalities, be given in a timely manner, and provide clear expectations for improvement. How to Write an Employee Performance Review? Writing an employee performance review involves several steps, including setting clear objectives, documenting their progress, identifying areas for improvement, and providing constructive feedback. The review should focus on specific examples of the employee's performance and provide actionable recommendations for their development.  Our template is designed to streamline the overall process, track progress over time, and ensure each employee's fair and comprehensive evaluation. A Brief Overview of Stackby's Employee Feedback Template Employee Feedback Tracker Template by Stackby is a robust solution that helps organizations to collect, manage, and analyze employee feedback effectively. It provides a structured framework for tracking employee feedback, enabling organizations to effectively manage and address employee concerns, suggestions, and performance evaluations. Who is This Employee Feedback Template for? Our Employee Feedback Tracker Template is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries that want to collect and organize feedback from their employees in a systematic and structured way. Why Do You Need Stackby's Employee Feedback Tracker Template? Centralize all employee feedback in one place Track employee performance reviews and progress over time Improve communication and collaboration among team members Take data-driven decisions to enhance your organization's well-being How to Use This Employee Feedback Tracker Template? Using Stackby's Employee Feedback Template is simple and convenient. Begin by signing up for Stackby, logging into your account, accessing the template, and clicking the "Use Template" button to create a new stack. Finally, customize it to match your needs by adding or removing columns, rearranging tables, and configuring views as necessary. Ways to Customize Our Employee Feedback Tracker Template. Add additional tables to capture specific feedback categories or metrics. Import data from other sources to consolidate feedback history. Customize views to display data in various formats, such as tables, calendars, or Kanban boards. Utilize the Link Column Type to establish connections between different tables and create a comprehensive feedback ecosystem. Tables Included in Our Employee Feedback Tracker Template Feedback: Use this table to track and record employee feedback, including comments, ratings, and suggestions. Directory: It provides a directory of employees, including their names, roles, gender, department, etc. However, you get the liberty to add or import tables and link them together using the Link Column Type. By linking these tables together using the Link Column Type, you can achieve the goal of comprehensive feedback tracking while maintaining an organized employee directory.  Additionally, the template allows you to utilize Lookup and Aggregation fields to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on the linked data, providing insights into employee performance and satisfaction. Furthermore, you can leverage charts and pivot tables to create custom dashboards, enabling executives to visualize feedback trends, compare data across departments, and make informed decisions. Ready to Revolutionize Your Employee Feedback Management Process? With our template, you can centralize feedback, track progress, and take concrete actions to improve your organization's well-being. Sign up today to choose Stackby as your trusted partner in optimizing employee feedback! Checkout more related Template : Agency Talent Management Template Employee Feedback tracker Template Employee Directory Template Employee Performance Management Employee Feedback Form
HR Team Project Tracker Template By Stackby Templates

HR Team Project Tracker

Is your HR team constantly grappling with the challenges of project management? Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of missed deadlines, miscommunication, and scattered information? Look no further! Stackby's HR Project Plan Template is your secret weapon to tackle these hurdles head-on. With this human resource management plan template, you can easily stay on top of your HR initiatives, boost productivity, and achieve remarkable project outcomes. What is HR Tracking? HR tracking refers to the systematic process of monitoring and managing various HR activities, projects, and tasks within your HR organization. It involves closely monitoring the progress, timelines, and resources allocated to HR initiatives. Importance of HR Tracking Effective HR tracking is crucial for the smooth functioning of human resource management. It helps ensure that projects are delivered on time, resources are utilized efficiently, and team members are aligned toward common goals. With proper tracking, HR teams can stay organized, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to drive success. A Brief Overview of Stackby's HR Team Project Tracker Template HR Project Plan Template by Stackby is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify HR project management. It provides a centralized platform where you can track and manage all your HR activities, projects, and teams efficiently. Who is This HR Team Project Tracker Template for? This HR Project Plan template is ideal for HR teams and professionals who want to streamline their project management processes. Whether you're handling recruitment initiatives, employee training programs, performance evaluations, or any other HR projects, it will help you stay on track and ensure the successful completion of your tasks. Why Do You Need Stackby's HR Team Project Tracker Template? Centralize your HR initiatives, tasks, and projects in a single location for easy access and efficient management. Monitor each project's status, timelines, and milestones to ensure they stay on schedule and meet their objectives. Keep a close eye on task assignments, deadlines, and task statuses, ensuring accountability and timely completion of HR project deliverables. Gather and organize project-related data, generate insightful reports, and gain valuable insights to improve HR project performance and decision-making. Ways to Customize Our HR Team Project Tracker Template Customize the table columns to match your specific HR project tracking requirements. Set up different views to filter and visualize data based on project status, priority, or other criteria relevant to your HR projects. Leverage Stackby's formula and automation features to automate calculations, notifications, and repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing manual effort. Enhance the functionality of this HR Project Plan template by integrating it with other apps and utilizing Stackby's power-up features. Set up automated reminders and notifications for important project milestones, deadlines, or task assignments to keep your team on track. Table Included in Our Human Resource Management Plan Template Tasks: This table allows you to track individual tasks, assign owners, set due dates, and monitor progress. Projects: It helps you to manage multiple HR projects, set objectives, define timelines, and track overall project status. Team: With its aid, you can maintain a record of team members involved in each project, their roles, etc. However, you get the option to link two tables using the Link Column Type to establish connections and create dependencies between tasks, projects, and team members. For example, you can link a task to the corresponding project, allowing easy navigation and reference between the two tables. Similarly, you can link team members to their assigned tasks or projects, enabling quick access to their information and enhancing collaboration within the HR project tracker. Ready to Uncover the True Potential of Your HR Projects? Choose Stackby's HR Project Plan Template as your go-to option to achieve this objective.Get started today for a seamless HR project tracking experience!
HR Knowledge Base Template - Free to use - Stackby Templates

HR Knowledge Base

Are you tired of spending valuable time searching for HR information scattered across different platforms and documents? If yes, look no further than Stackby's HR Knowledge Base Template. With its aid, you can create a centralized repository of knowledge that houses all your HR resources, policies, and guidelines in one place. From employee handbooks to benefits information and training materials, policies, forms easily access and share crucial information with your team, ensuring consistent and up-to-date HR practices. Read on to learn more: Digging into Details About Stackby's HR Knowledge Base Template Stackby's HR Knowledge Base Template is a powerful tool designed to help HR professionals and teams create and manage a unified repository of HR-related information. It provides a structured framework to store and organize policies, procedures, guidelines, training materials, and other HR resources in a user-friendly and searchable format. Who is This HR Knowledge Base Template for? Stackby's HR Knowledge Base Template free is ideal for HR professionals, managers, and teams looking to centralize their HR information and improve knowledge sharing within their organization. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, this template provides a structured and organized approach to managing HR knowledge effectively. Why Do You Need Stackby's HR Knowledge Base Template? Centralize and organize all your HR resources, policies, and documents in one accessible location. Streamline communication and collaboration within your HR team and across the organization. Ensure consistency and accuracy of HR information by keeping it up-to-date and easily searchable. Empower employees with self-service access to HR information, reducing the need for repetitive inquiries. Enhance compliance by tracking changes and maintaining a detailed change history. Improve efficiency by saving time spent on searching for HR information. Promote transparency and clarity in HR practices. Simplify onboarding and training processes by providing a comprehensive repository of resources. Optimize employee experience by sharing relevant policies and benefits information. Increase productivity by minimizing the time spent on administrative tasks related to HR information management. Ways to Customize Our HR knowledge Base Template Customize the template with your organization's unique terminology, categories, and classifications for HR information. Tailor the table columns to align with your HR knowledge base categories and information. Add or import tables based on your unique requirements and topics. Create additional views like Gallery and filters to sort and visualize the HR knowledge base data based on different criteria. Customize access permissions and sharing settings to control who can view and edit the HR knowledge base content. Add fields and columns to capture specific details or attributes of your HR knowledge base items. Table Included in Our Free HR Knowledge Base Template Topics: With this table, you can create a central repository of HR topics, policies, and resources. Also, it allows you to organize information with columns like topic name, details, review status, review date, etc. Create a gallery view and share the view URL to keep everyone on the same page. It's Time to Revolutionize Your HR Knowledge Management! With Stackby's free HR Knowledge Base Template, you can create a robust HR knowledge base that empowers your team to make informed decisions and fosters a culture of knowledge sharing within your organization. Get started with Stackby today to experience a seamless HR knowledge management solution!?
Recruiting Pipeline Template By Stackby Templates

Recruiting Pipeline

A recruitment pipeline is used to have a detailed overview of the entire recruitment process. You can track the progress of each candidate throughout the entire recruitment process with the recruiting pipeline template. This template would make the entire process easier for the recruiter since all the information related to the recruiting pipeline is available at a single location. What is the Recruitment Pipeline Template? Recruiters use a recruitment pipeline template to keep a tab on the entire hiring process and keep track of the entire hiring process at a glance. You have the complete list of all the candidates in one place, where the status of each candidate is provided, and which information regarding which process of hiring they are currently in and which stage is next. For the benefit of the recruiter and to make it easier for them, the contact details and the resumes of each candidate are also made available in the recruitment pipeline. Why do you need a Recruitment Pipeline Template? A recruitment pipeline template is the easiest way for recruiters to organize and maintain their hiring process without creating a lot of chaos without outsourcing the recruitment process to other companies and keeping the recruitment in-house . This template allows the recruiter to easily manage multiple hiring pipelines at once since all of the requir ed information is available at their fingertips at any given time.  Since the recruitment pipeline is maintained online using this template, all the updates are provided in real-time. Recruiters are always up-to-date with the hiring process, and hence they can efficiently complete the hiring process with minimal time and resources and in a smooth manner without hassles. Who is this template for? This template is useful for recruiters of companies of all sizes. Using this template to keep track of the hiring process of all the various pipelines within their company. How will Stackby’s Recruitment Pipeline Template help you? Stackby’s template is the best recruitment pipeline template there is currently. Our template provides a wide array of options to the recruiter who would be using it for managing their recruitment pipeline in their company. In the first column, you could find all the candidates who are currently undergoing the recruitment process.  Right next to it, you also have the column which has their photos for you to identify each candidate and also you have their resumes in the next column and also their contact number in the next column, so that you would have, in a glance, available all the details you would need about the candidate. The next columns provide you an even deeper view of the hiring process of each candidate; you get the "stage" column, where you know the status of each candidate, whether they are rejected, selected, or undergoing a specific round of interviews in their recruitment cycle . You can also find the dates on which they started their process, the date for the next process, etc., and for which position they have applied for. You also have ratings to score the performance of each candidate in each round. All of these columns, plus the option to filter to use only specific parts of the templates to view specific information that the recruiters require, make it easy for them to manage the recruitment process. You Will Also Find These Templates Useful: Recruitment Applicant Tracker Employee Onboarding Sales Pipeline
Employee Attendance Tracker Template | Stackby Templates

Employee Attendance Tracker

An employee attendance tracker is a spreadsheet used by businesses or organizations to keep track of the attendance records of their employees. The template usually consists of features such as total working hours, overtime, leave balance, and other relevant metrics. Using an attendance tracker can help employers efficiently monitor employee attendance, identify trends or patterns, manage their leave requests, and ensure compliance with company policy or labor regulations. Stackby’s Employee Attendance Tracker Template Stackby’s Employee Attendance Tracker Template is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the management of daily and monthly employee attendance records within your organization. This customizable template offers a user-friendly interface and allows easy setup and maintenance of attendance data by leveraging form filters and customizable columns. This template simplifies the process of tracking employee attendance and sharing the efficiency and accuracy of each employee. Characteristics of Stackby’s Employee Attendance Tracker Template Customizable Interface The template provides the flexibility to customize columns, forms, and filters according to the specific requirements of your organization, ensuring that the attendance tracking process aligns with your unique workflow. Formal Integration With integrated forms, capturing employee attendance data becomes seamless, and employees can submit their attendance information conveniently through these forms, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the chances of errors. Advanced Filtering Options The template offers a range of filtering options, allowing users to quickly sort and group attendance data based on various parameters such as name, ID, picture, phone number, and month. This facilitates efficient analysis and reporting. Centralized Data Storage Buy consolidating all attendance-related information within a single template. Stackby enables centralized data storage, which simplifies access to attendance records, making it easier for administrators to retrieve and manage data as needed.  File Upload Capability Users can leverage specific columns within the template to upload files related to attendance, such as documents or images. This feature enhances data organization and enables comprehensive documentation of attendance-related details. Why Stackby’s Employee Attendance Tracker Template There are certain reasons why you should switch to stack if you are using any other template. Customization and Flexibility Stackby distinguishes itself from other employee attendance tracker templates by offering unparalleled customization and flexibility, unlike the rigid templates that impose predefined structures. Stackby allows users to tailor every aspect of the attendance tracking system to their specific requirements. With customizable column forms and filters, organizations can adapt the template to a line perfectly with their unique work flows and preferences. This level of flexibility assures that the attendance tracking process remains highly efficient and adaptable even as organizational needs evolve over time. Integration Another key differentiator of Stackby is its emphasis on integration and collaboration, while many other attendance trackers focus solely on individual data entry and management. Stackby facilitates seamless collaboration among team members with features such as real-time update commenting capabilities and file attachment features that transform the attendance tracker into a collaborative endeavor. This enables the team to work together more effectively, share insights, and address attendance-related issues proactively, ultimately enhancing overall productivity and cohesion within the organization. Scalability and Innovation Stackby sets itself apart from other templates by prioritizing innovation and scalability. Unlike static solutions that may struggle to accommodate the changing needs of growing organizations, this stack is designed to scale effortlessly along with businesses. Whether it is adding a new feature, integrating with other tools, or accommodating a larger work force stack, it remains adaptable and future-proof. Furthermore, it continuously innovates and updates its template with new functionalities and enhancements, sharing that users always have access to the latest tools and technology for efficient attendance tracking. Why choose Stackby’s Employee Attendance Tracker Template? When considering an employee attendance tracker template, choosing Stackby offers numerous advantages over other options. First, the unparalleled customization and flexibility empowered the organization to tailor the attendance tracking system precisely to their needs and ensure maximum efficiency and alignment with existing workflow. Additionally, Stackby emphasizes integration and fosters a culture of teamwork and transparency that enables teams to work together more effectively to manage attendance data and address issues proactively. Finally, the commitment to scalability and innovation ensures that the template remains adaptable and future-proof, providing long-term value and investment security for organizations of all sizes. Ultimately, by choosing the Stackby employee attendance tracker template, organizations can streamline the attendance tracking process, increase collaboration, and drive productivity to new heights. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and key advantages, this template empowers organizations to streamline the attendance tracking process and promote transparency within the workplace. Sign in today for a better experience!Check more related templates on Stackby Agency Talent Management Template Recruiting Pipeline Template Call Log Template
Sample Employee Timesheet Template Templates

Employee Timesheet

Keeping and managing a manual timesheet is a very tedious task. This is where the Employee Timesheet template comes into play. This template can be used to automatically record the amount of time a particular employee or worker has spent working on a particular day. What is an Employee Timesheet Template? An Employee Timesheet Template is an easy way to record the amount of time a particular employee has worked on a particular day. Businesses and companies use Employee Timesheet Templates to keep track of how long a particular spent on a specific project, role, or task. Businesses and companies also use free employee timesheets to make sure employees meet deadlines and complete tasks on time. Why do you need an Employee Timesheet Template? The employers can use an Employee Timesheet Template to calculate the amount of remuneration to be paid to the employees based on the number of hours and days worked. This template also provides insights into the length of time required to complete each task as well. With this information, managers can then allocate resources accordingly to ensure all the tasks are completed on time, without delays. Employee timesheets are also useful to know when there is a duplication of work and identify where time is wasted with unnecessary tasks. The Employee Timesheet template helps businesses and companies to manage their resources and workforce more efficiently. Who is this template for? Since this template has many uses, it is being used in various forms of businesses and companies for resources and workforce management according to their specific needs and preference. Any company that has a significant workforce can use this template. How will Stackby’s Employee Timesheet Template help you? Our Employee Timesheet is one of the easiest templates you will find to use and manage. On our template, you will find the employee name in the first column; the second column would have the exact time the employee started working, with the exact time and date. In the next column, you would find the time the employee stopped working, again in the same format, with the time and date.  Our template would automatically calculate the number of hours worked and automatically calculate the total amount of salary they have earned for that day using the rate per hour column and provide you with the exact amount. Since the entire process is completely automated, it saves a lot of time for the business or the company. You also get the option to filter and keep only specific columns as per your need or requirement. Our template also has the second window where you can get additional details about your employees, their names, their photo for identification, email address and phone number in case you would need to contact them, their particular rate per hour, amount they have earned, etc. You Will Also Find These Templates Useful: Employee DirectoryEmployee Training Plan Employee Onboarding Form & Onboarding Template Employee Feedback tracker Template Employee Performance Management  
Call Log Template By Stackby Templates

Call Log

Call logging is the process that involves collecting, analyzing, and recording data related to telephone calls made and received by a company or individual. Whether you own a small retail store in your area or run a multinational FMCG company with multiple offices worldwide, both inbound and outbound calls form an essential part of your day. Companies place calls for a wide range of reasons, including customer care, outreach, sales, marketing, surveys, operations, logistics, and so on. They also receive calls for an equally large number of reasons, including customer complaints, user queries, job applications, contract negotiations, etc. Call logs allow you to nurture and maximize leads, provide customer service, resolve issues faced by a user, keep track of follow-up calls, evaluate your company's departments' performance, market your product, among other things. There are different methods that a particular company can employ to create and maintain their call logs. It can be both manual and automatic. Stackby’s call log template template will allow you to keep meticulous and detailed records of any data related to call logs. Our Call Log Template will allow you to: Record the details of all of the company’s calls in one place. You can log calls of multiple departments using the call log template. If there are any documents relevant to a particular call, you can attach them to this template to facilitate easy access. Store the phone number required to place each call. Add notes, if necessary, for a call to allow for a better understanding of its content. Keep track of the agenda or purpose of each call. This can include recruitment, sales, marketing, operations, outreach, customer service, accounts, regular reports, and so on. Record the date and time for each call in the call log. Check whether the call has been closed or not. The calendar view of the template allows you to get an easier visual & understanding of the calls that are not closed. Under the separate tab for Agendas, you can track the number of calls placed and received by each department. You can also track the number of calls that have been closed under each agenda. Record and track the calls that have to be placed in the upcoming weeks under each agenda. Track the collaborator responsible for each agenda. Monitor and update the data as and when necessary.  With Stackby’s Call Log Template, you can record all your call data efficiently and easily! It is custom-made to suit your specific needs and expectations.
Improve recruitment using the recruitment tracker template Templates

Recruitment Tracker

Recruitment is the process of hiring the right candidates for the right positions in your company. Employees form the backbone of any form of business. Hence, companies have to make sure that the candidate's capability matches the responsibility that will be assigned to him or her. One of the key objectives of recruitment is to anticipate the company's existing and upcoming recruitment needs. This is followed by making the required arrangements to fill the vacant positions by interviewing and assessing potential candidates. An efficient recruitment process allows you to streamline the procedure and reduce the time you spend looking for viable candidates. It also needs to be cost effective and conducted within the given time. Companies devote a substantial amount of their time and resources towards their recruitment process to attract and hire the best talent. To ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process , you need a recruitment tracker that will allow you to record all relevant data in one place. Well, your search is over! Stackby’s Recruitment Tracker Template has been custom-made to track your recruitment process from start to finish. It gives you an overview of your company's open positions and details of the candidates that have applied for the same position. Using our Recruitment Tracker Template, you will be able to: Monitor the open positions in your company right now. Attach the job description document of each position to the recruitment plan template. Track the number of vacancies available under each position of your company. For example, for the position of Chief Financial Officer, there may be one vacancy available. However, for the position of Associate Developer, there are eight vacancies currently available. Monitor the level of requirement for each position (Low/ Medium/ High). Track the current status of a particular position (Open/ Interviewing/ On Hold/ Canceled). Record the details of the manager who is taking care of the recruitment process of a position . Store their contact details to avoid any form of communication gap. Add notes, if necessary, regarding each position. Store the details of the candidates that have applied for each position. Attach each applicant's picture to the recruitment tracker template and store their contact details in the template itself. Keep a record of each applicant's positions and attach their CV to the template to facilitate easy access . Record the interview date for each applicant. This will allow you to allot time for each applicant and schedule the interviews accordingly. Rate the candidate according to the interview already conducted and record the name of the interviewer too. Record the phone interview score of each applicant (Good/ Strong/ Rejected/ Reconsider/ Probably Hire). You can also track the application process's current status (Decision Pending/ No Hire/ Hired/ In-Person Interview). Stackby’s Recruitment Template is user-friendly and easy to understand. Collaborate with your HR team and start using it today!
Weekly Schedule Template By Stackby Templates

Weekly Schedule

How's Stackby Weekly Schedule Template will help you ? Whether you run a small business, a start-up venture, or a multinational company, your job requires you to plan and schedule multiple events, meetings, and programs. In any given week, a company holds several meetings to discuss and analyze important issues. It also organizes presentations and conferences frequently. In other words, companies are required to manage several events with the limited time they have to accomplish their goals and objectives. As a result, time management is crucial for any organization or business. It is the key to one's success and effective functioning. Planning is essential to ensure that you can cover all the tasks and events in a specific amount of time. Every company needs a proper tool or template to plan and manage their weekly schedule. Are you looking for one for your department? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Stackby has developed a Weekly Schedule Template to keep track of your tasks and events in one place. You can now schedule and track your meetings and special events easily! Bid farewell to the days of poor time management when you couldn't find the time for all your work! With our user-friendly free Weekly Schedule template, you can assign a date and time to each event and task. This template can be customized to suit your requirements and is extremely easy to understand and follow.  Using the weekly schedule template, you will be able to: Record the details of each event scheduled for any given week. Store the exact date of all the upcoming events. You can also record the time allotted for the particular event. Several tasks need to be covered under each event or meeting. This template even allows you to store the details of the respective tasks on the same platform. Record the date and exact time when the task is due. This will help you manage your time well and ensure that the work is done within the set deadline. Monitor the priority status of each event or task. It can range from high, medium to low. Monitor and update the data as and when required. Stackby’s Weekly Schedule Template has an in-built calendar view! This will give you an overview of all your upcoming tasks and events in a particular month, week, or day. In addition to all of the above features, this template also offers a customizable Scheduled Event Details Form to make your job easier! Planning events and time management has never been so easy! Any department of your company can use the Weekly Schedule Template to schedule their events.
Job Requisition Form Template By Stackby Templates

Job Requisition Form

The HR department of a company is responsible for finding, screening, and hiring the best candidates for every other department. What does a department do if it wants to recruit new employees? How does it communicate its hiring needs to the HR department? The answer to the question is – Job Requisition Form! What is a job requisition? Job requisition is the first step in the recruitment process. It is an internal document that acts as a formal request for a new position. Departmental managers use it to request the hiring of a new employee. Departmental managers fill out a requisition when they want to create a new position or fill an existing department position. It streamlines the recruitment process and helps a company in prioritizing its hiring needs. A job requisition will include a wide range of information starting from the department you’re hiring for, the manager’s details, the reason for recruitment, nature of the job, the expected salary range, the potential date of joining, and the list of qualifications required and so on. Job requisition is essential for a company as it formalizes the hiring process and lays down the department’s needs to the hiring manager. It enhances the transparency of the company’s HR department and even allows them to measure their recruiting KPIs easily! However, if your company’s different departments follow their job requisition format, the entire process becomes quite cumbersome. To solve this issue and help you manage multiple job requisitions, Stackby is here with its custom-made Job Requisition Form Template! This template provides you with a standard format for an employee requisition form that can be used by all your departments for their hiring needs. Apart from this, you can also keep track of all the current job requisitions in one place easily! How will Stackby’s Job Requisition Form Template help you and your team members?  Using this employee requisition form template, you will be able to: Track the multiple job requisitions on a single interface. Record the date on which the requirement was posted. Store the title of the position you want to fill. You can also record the corresponding department that has made the job requisition. Track the type of opening and check if it’s an urgent hire. This will help your HR department prioritize its time and resources towards critical positions. Store the reasons for recruitment and the responsibilities that will form a part of this position. Record the details of the supervising officer for each job. Add the educational and other qualifications required for a job. Check the current status of each job requisition to see if it has been approved or not. Monitor, track, and update the details as and when required. Job requisition is highly essential for a company, and we have created the perfect tool to help you with it. Start using the Job Requisition Form template today to streamline your critical HR process. Checkout other related Templates :Agency Template Management Daily Attendance Sheet
Contractor/Freelancer Management Template By Stackby Templates

Contractor and Freelancer Management

Are you tired of managing freelancers and contractors through messy spreadsheets or confusing communication channels? Say goodbye to those headaches and try out Stackby's Contractor and Freelancer Management Template.  This all-in-one solution helps you track, evaluate, and manage your contractors and freelancers while keeping all your data organized in one place. Let's explore more details about this in the following sections: What is Contractor Management? Contractor management refers to the process of overseeing and coordinating the activities of contractors working on a project. It involves sourcing, evaluating, and managing contractors to ensure their work aligns with project goals, timelines, and quality standards. Importance of Freelancer and Contractor Management One cannot overstate the importance of freelancer and contractor management in today's dynamic business landscape. Here are a few reasons why:  Access to specialized skills and expertise. Flexibility and scalability for project demands. Cost optimization compared to hiring full-time employees. Enhanced productivity through effective communication and streamlined processes. And a lot more A Brief Overview of Stackby's Contractor and Freelancer Management Template Stackby's Contractor and Freelancer Management Template is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify and streamline the process of managing contractors and freelancers. It provides a centralized platform to track, source, and manage these external resources efficiently. By leveraging this outstanding solution, you can expect to achieve a 90% accuracy rate in contractor and freelancer data management. Who is This Contractor and Freelancer Management Template for? Whether you are a small business owner, a project manager overseeing multiple projects, or a freelancer seeking better organization and management, this template caters to your needs, helping you optimize contractor and freelancer management processes. Why Do You Need Stackby's Contractor and Freelancer Management Template? Centralize and organize contractor and freelancer information in one place. Streamline contractor and freelancer management processes. Efficiently track and manage assignments, projects, and feedback. Improve communication and collaboration with contractors and freelancers. Monitor contractor performance and track project budgets. How to Use This Contractor Management Template? To use this freelancer and contractor management template, you first need to sign up for Stackby, log in to your account, and tap the "Use Template" button to create a new stack. Now, customize it in the way you want. Ways to Customize Our Contractor and Freelancer Management Template Add or remove columns to fit your specific needs. Rename columns to match your terminology and processes. Create additional tables to track more information or add different types of data. Use the various column types, such as checkboxes, drop-downs, and dates, to organize and filter your data. Set up automation using the integrations available on Stackby. A Quick Look into the Tables Included in Our Contractor and Freelancer Management Template Freelancers: This table allows you to manage and track information related to your freelancers, including their contact details, skills, rates, etc. Assignments: Use this table to assign specific tasks or projects to freelancers. You can track the assignment details, deadlines, progress, etc. Internal Team: It enables you to keep a record of your internal team members involved in managing contractors and freelancers. Projects: You can link freelancers, assignments, and other relevant information to each project with its aid. You can establish connections between the tables in the Contractor Management Template by utilizing the Link Column Type and setting up the appropriate references.  For example, you can view all the assignments for a particular freelancer, see the freelancers assigned to a specific project, or track the internal team members responsible for managing specific freelancers. It allows for seamless tracking, assignment management, and data organization related to freelancers, assignments, internal team members, and projects. Ready to Take Control of Your Freelancer and Contractor Management? With Stackby's Contractor Management Template, you can efficiently track and manage your freelancers and contractors, link them to assignments and projects, and track feedback. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on Stackby today and experience a seamless contractor and freelancer management experienceCheck Out More Related Templates : Construction Project Management Real Estate CRM Lease Tracker Agency Template Management Daily Attendance Sheet
Agency Talent Management Template By Stackby Templates

Agency Talent Management

In a marketplace that is increasingly becoming employee-centric, finding, recruiting, and retaining the best talent has become essential for any company or agency. Regardless of the size, nature, and scope of the business you run, your employees are the building blocks of your organization. The goals and objectives of any company are fulfilled because of the combined effort of everyone involved. A talent management template can prove to be quite useful for any talent management agency and help increase productivity.  What is talent management? Talent management is the systemic and well-defined process of identifying the vacant position in your company, finding and recruiting the most suitable and talented candidate, developing the skills and expertise of this employee to match the position, and retaining him for a long period, thereby reducing employee turnover. Strategic and well-planned talent management can play a huge role in the accomplishment of the vision and mission of your company. It strengthens the organizational structure and gives you an edge over your competitors! Usually, a lot of organizations turn to a talent management agency to help hire new talent or manage the existing ones! Won’t it be easier to do it all by yourself? Looking for a software or template to help you manage the wide talent pool of your company? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Stackby has created an Agency Talent Management Template for this exact purpose.  How can you use this Agency Talent Management Template to streamline and consolidate your talent management process? Using this template, you will be able to: Record the details of all your team members in one place. Store the name of the team member and the corresponding talent category (Web Development/ Content Creation/ Sales Management/ PR Management/ Brand Management/ etc.). You can also record the current job title of each employee and change it as and when required. Add the contact details of your team members to the template to facilitate smooth communication. Record the date of availability for each team member. Add the sample/ portfolio work of each member to the template. This will allow you to understand their talent and proficiency in a particular area. Record the projects and the clients that have been assigned to each team member. You can also track the total number of each that has been allotted to a team member. Using this data, you can monitor the distribution of work in the team. Record the name and contact details of all your current and potential customers. Check whether they are an existing client or not and the corresponding industry category (Media/ Finance/ Software/ Electronics/ Manufacturing/ Food/ etc.). Add the current location of each customer and the projects assigned by them. You can also record the type of project. Record the details of all customer’s projects and their current status (Agreement Not Signed/ Negotiation/ Agreement Signed/Proposal Sent). This template is not specifically made for agencies but is built to adopt for any organization's talent management process. 
Simplify employee management using this employee directory template

Employee Directory

Employees form the biggest and most important asset of any company. Since they are responsible for all the work, the success of your company is on their shoulders. They are the building blocks that workday in and day out to construct your company from the ground up.  In an increasingly competitive market, hiring and retaining the best talent is essential for your business. How are you supposed to keep track of all your employees and their information in the best possible way? This is where an employee directory comes in! What is an Employee Directory Template ? Put in simple words; an employee directory is the central repository of every single detail about each employee in the company. Starting from the date of birth, contact details to the name of their supervisor, it stores and regularly updates all employee-related information. 5 Steps to Follow Employee Directory Template ? Customise Your Directory: Tailor the template to fit your organisation's specific needs by adding or removing fields as necessary. Include essential information such as employee names, contact details, department, position, and any other pertinent details. Streamline Your Data Entry with Forms: Utilise forms to simplify data entry. This can help ensure consistency and accuracy in the information collected. Forms can also be used to update existing information, making it easier to keep the directory current. Customise Directory Access for Better Access and Privacy: Implement access controls to ensure that only authorised individuals can view and edit specific sections of the directory. Balance transparency with privacy considerations, making sure sensitive information is protected. Automate Important Reminders: Set up automated reminders for key events, such as employee birthdays, work anniversaries, or certification renewals. Automation can help ensure that important dates are not overlooked and that the directory stays up-to-date. Integration with Project Managers: Integrate the employee directory with project management tools to enhance collaboration and streamline communication within teams. This integration can facilitate the assignment of tasks, tracking of project progress, and overall project management efficiency. Why is it essential to create and maintain an employee directory ? Is it worth dedicating your time and resources towards the upkeep of an employee directory? Yes! Here’s why! Updated contact details of employees ensure seamless communication and can help prevent future communication gaps. Medical and emergency contact details can prove to be useful, especially in emergencies. Department wise segregation allows you to monitor the current strength of each department. Details of the supervisor of each employee increase accountability in the company. The duration of stay of each employee allows you to analyze overall employee satisfaction. Keep track of employee appraisal. You can add more benefits to this list!  As an owner or manager, it is your responsibility to record and regularly update all the requisite details of employees of each department. Are you facing difficulty managing all the details? Stackby is here to your rescue! With our Employee Directory Template, keep track of your employee list and information on a single platform! Why should your business adopt an employee directory template ? Efficient Information Management: Helps in centralising and organising employee information, making it easily accessible and reducing the time spent searching for details. Improved Communication: Facilitates communication within the organisation by providing quick access to contact information, which is crucial for collaboration. Enhanced Privacy and Security: Allows for customization of access controls, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and only accessible to authorised personnel. Streamlined HR Processes: Simplifies HR processes such as onboarding, tracking employee progress, and managing personnel changes. Automation for Time-Saving: Automating reminders and updates saves time and ensures that the directory is always current. Tips & Tricks Regularly update the directory to reflect any changes in employee information. Encourage employees to review and update their own information regularly. Provide training on using the directory to ensure widespread adoption. How to use the Employee Directory Template by using Stackby ? Stackby is a collaborative workspace tool that combines the flexibility of spreadsheets with the power of databases. Create a new "Employee Directory" stack and customise it according to your needs. Use different column types for various information (text, date, dropdown, etc.). Leverage Stackby's features like forms, automation, and integrations for a seamless employee directory management experience. Using Stackby’s Employee Directory Template, you can: Record the list of employees in the entire company or organization. Divide the employee into a different department on the same interface.  Store the current job title of each employee. Record the date of joining and the total number of years in the company. Record the current supervising officer of each employee.  Track the last and next appraisal date. Store relevant medical information including, but not limited to, blood group, disclosed allergies, emergency contact person, and relation to the given contact. Store a photo of each employee. Record the educational qualifications of your employees.  Store updated contact information, including phone number, residential address, and email address used. Record the benefits available to each employee, such as EPF, gratuity, paid leave, group insurance, dental, and conveyance. Monitor and regularly update all information as and when necessary. Our directory template will help you manage your employee information most efficiently with minimal effort and hard work. If you're tracking your job applicants, check out this easy to adopt Applicant Tracker template. Checkout more related Template : Agency Talent Management Template Employee Onboarding Form & Onboarding Template Employee Feedback tracker Template Employee Performance Management Employee Feedback Form
Employee Training Plan Template By Stackby Templates

Employee Training Plan

Whether you run a start-up venture, a small business, or a well-established multinational company, your employees are your most valuable asset. Companies define their goals and objectives and devise comprehensive strategies to achieve the same.  It is the employees that execute these plans and produce tangible results for the organization. As a result, it is safe to say that you cannot build a company without employees. Due to the diverse and ever-changing nature of the market space, your employees need to be constantly trained and reskilled to maintain and enhance their productivity. This is the function of employee training.  Employee training management refers to the company’s continuous initiatives and efforts to improve its employee’s performance. Training adds to the skills, knowledge, and efficiency of the employees. It is paramount for the growth and development of any company. Stackby’s Employee Training Plan template helps organisations in this endeavor. Training can be given to new candidates who join your company or existing employees to improve their skills and refresh their knowledge. This will keep your workers up-to-date with the latest technologies and provide you with an edge over your competitors in the market. Why is employee training essential? Every company devotes substantial time and resources towards training their employees. The question arises: Why? Training adds and improves the skill set of your employees. It increases overall employee morale and level of job satisfaction. It increases their chances of promotion shortly. Training teaches the employees how to deal with complex and challenging situations. A well-trained employee is more likely to adopt an innovative and creative approach toward his or her job. Training reduces and eventually eliminates the need for tight supervision and control. Improves employee commitment and loyalty towards the company. Training can be done on the job or off the job. Regardless of its nature, an employee training plan helps a company retain the best talent and boost its revenue. Are you looking for a tool to help you manage and monitor your employee training plan? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! With Stackby’s Employee Training Management Template, you can organize employee training programs easily! Using this training plan template, you will now be able to: Track the ongoing and upcoming training programs for employees. Record the location allotted for a particular training program (Conference room/ Meeting room/ etc.). Keep track of the departments participating in each training program (Marketing/ Sales/ Operations/ etc.). Record the date on which the program will be conducted. Store the names of the speakers who are a part of the training program. Record the details of your team members and the training programs they have participated till date. Store their contact details and track their attendance. Record the feedback received from each employee regarding a particular training program. Update the details as and when required.  Training your employees has never been so easy! Copy the stack and adopt this easy to use training plan template today.  Checkout more related Template : Agency Talent Management Template Employee Feedback tracker Template Employee Directory Template Employee Performance Management Employee Feedback Form
Employee Onboarding Template by Stackby Templates

Employee Onboarding

Regardless of their nature and scope, companies of all kinds frequently hire new employees to replace the employees who have left the organization, attract new talent, and diversify the workforce’s talent pool. Finding the right candidate for the right job is extremely important! Extensive interviews are conducted to scrutinize the applications and identify the best and most suitable candidates. Once selected, offer letters are extended to the candidates. What happens after the applicants join the company? This is where the idea of employee onboarding comes in. What is employee onboarding and why it is important for your HR? Although the term has different interpretations for different companies, employee onboarding is introducing and integrating the new employees with the company’s environment and culture. The duration and nature of tasks that fall under employee onboarding differ from one organization to another. However, in all cases, employee onboarding is the first interaction an employee has with the company after the recruitment process. It is the window of opportunity where you can make a long-lasting impression on your employees. A practical and well-managed onboarding process can convert talented recruits into loyal, long-term employees of the company. It reduces the company’s turnover rate and provides you with a competitive edge over others in the market. Keeping detailed records of the various tasks that fall under onboarding can be quite a hassle. Looking for an onboarding checklist that will allow you to track all the newly hired employees? Well, look no more! To only and streamline the work of your team, Stackby has developed a state-of-the-art Employee Onboarding Template. A robust onboarding process makes your new employees feel valued and appreciated and improves the company’s overall work culture. With our onboarding template, you can monitor everything of your team member's onboarding, in a single place with Stackby’s Employee Onboarding Template. With multiple onboarding templates available in the market, why should you choose us? With our customizable and user-friendly template, you will be able to: Track the onboarding process from start to finish on a single interface. Create your onboarding checklist for the process and list all the tasks that need to be done. For example, signing the employee contract, submitting bank account details, office tour, meet the CEO, setup benefits, etc.). Record the exact instance when each task needs to be done (On joining/ Within five days of joining/ After office tour/ After signing employee contract/ etc.). Track the status of each item in the onboarding process to see if it’s done or not. Record the list of company resources engaged in the onboarding process. Attach related documents to the onboarding template, if any. Record the names of all the new employees of your company and their corresponding onboarding checklist.  Track the exact date of joining of each employee. Monitor and update the details as and when required. Copy the stack today and discover the secret to standing out in this employee-centric job market! If you're looking to track your recruiting process, please check out our most popular Applicant Tracking Template.   Checkout more related Template : Agency Talent Management Template Employee Onboarding Form Employee Feedback tracker Template Employee Directory Template Employee Performance Management
Simple Applicant Tracker Template By Stackby Templates

Simple Applicant Tracker

Are you still using a spreadsheet instead of a simple applicant tracking template for managing the recruitment process? It is time to make the switch! Using Stackby a no code spreadsheets alternatives for applicant tracking results in redundant data, manual data handling, higher chances of errors, and a lot of chaos. An applicant tracker, on the other hand, can make things smoother for your whole team. Stackby’s applicant tracking template provides you with a database for managing applicant data. You can connect this template with an applicant tracking form and automatically collect and organize data. What is an Applicant Tracking System? Companies today consider multiple different candidates for a position. So, they need a system to manage and track the data related to these candidates. Moreover, if they are hiring for different positions, they will have to keep a track of every candidate applying for every open position. A simple applicant tracking system helps you manage the applicant data such as their resumes, interview details, rankings, personal details, and so on in a streamlined manner. This not only organizes the hiring process but also makes the process much easier, simpler, and faster. Overview of Stackby’s ATS Template To help HR professionals manage the applicant tracking, we have created a simple applicant tracking template that stores and manages all the data about the applicants. 1. Manage Applicant Data and Interviewer Details Together  Add details of applicants like their name, resume, interview notes, contact, etc. all in one place. C??heck how many candidates are being interviewed by each interviewer, on which date they conducted the interviews, and what is the status of the interviews. You can find who is interviewing which candidate easily. 2. Find The Status of Open Job Profiles Store all the details about the open job profiles in your organization and track which interviewer is responsible for which job profile. You can also find how many applicants have currently applied for a specific position. 3. Collect applicant data automatically using Applicant Tracking Form Our Candidate Tracking Template includes an Applicant Tracking Form that you can send to the candidates to gather their basic information that is to be filled in the Applicants table. Once a candidate submits the form, it will create a row in the Applicants table automatically and add all the data in the respective columns. This way, you do not need to add data manually in the applicant tracking log template. This reduces the chances of human errors. Read more: Stackby forms 4. Filter applicants by Status/ Scores Our ATS Template also includes a Kanban View of candidates based on their Status (hired, rejected, 1st round passed, kept on back-burner, etc). This can help HR to visualize how many candidates have been rejected/accepted, etc. It also includes a Kanban View where you can filter out candidates based on the scores that their interviewers gave to them. This can help in deciding which candidates are to be selected and which are to be rejected. 5. Stay on top of your recruitment schedule with Interview Calendar Our Applicant Tracking Template includes an Interview Calendar that will provide you with an overview of interviews lined up for the week/month/day. Who Can Use an Applicant Tracker Template? Our simple applicant tracking template can be used by the Human Resources department, HR Managers, Staffing Coordinators, Staffing Specialists, HR Assistants, HR Administrators, Entrepreneurs, Small business owners, etc. Why Do We Need ATS Templates? In today’s fast-moving world, companies use an applicant tracking system to identify, evaluate and hire the best employees for themselves. Those who still hold back from adopting this system usually fall short of achieving their desired results. An effective recruitment process is said to be in place when the company can engage with the top talent and hire the best. Digitizing and managing the information of all the candidates in a specific platform in the initial stages of the screening is one of the many things that an applicant tracker system does in no time. Here are some of the advantages of using a simple candidate application tracking system: 1. Reduces time to hire. The job application tracker spreadsheet will increase the speed of your selection process, as it reduces the time you would have to spend on administrative tasks. Manually managing the listing and bookkeeping takes an ample amount of time. 2. Improves hiring quality. The quality of hiring becomes better after using a simple applicant tracker template. For instance, automated matching of the specific skills and requirements would only allow the best candidates to compete. 3. Speeds up the recruitment cycle. Having all the information and credentials in front of the recruiter will make his work easier tenfold. Since the information is properly organized in one space, Excel spreadsheet templates for tracking make the recruitment process faster. 4. Provides better screening. It is often a tiring task for the recruiter if he or she does everything manually, and can be quite overwhelming. This can be solved easily as the job application tracker spreadsheet does the automated screening of applications by using various algorithms. How to Customize Stackby’s Applicant Tracking Software for Your Business? Once you copy this simple applicant tracking template to your Stackby Workspace , you can: Add/ update the tables given in the template. Start with finalizing the columns you need to track the Applicant information and then update the applicant tracking form. Enter the details of the interviewers and create an interview schedule. Add the details of the open profiles in your organization. Find out which interviewer is conducting interviews for which job profile and more! Find your new, perfect employee with Stackby’s ATS Hiring candidates and growing your company/business can be an exciting job. Do not make it cumbersome by depending on spreadsheets . Use our applicant tracking system template and find the best employees who suit your organization’s ethics and work culture. Check out this step-by-step video on how to build an applicant tracking system for your company. Find more templates on HR and Recruiting on Stackby: Employee Onboarding Template Employee Training Plan Template Recruiting Pipeline Template HR Knowledge Base Template Agency Talent Management Template