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SMART Goals Template

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SMART Goals Template
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Let’s consider a scenario where a reputed client assigned a project to your company. As soon as you received the list of client’s requirements, you broke down the entire project into multiple interconnected tasks and assigned them to your teams.

Does your responsibility end here? Of course not! If you want to ensure that the work is finished and delivered on time, you must keep track of all the work that is being done! That’s where our SMART Goals Template can be of help.

Tracking is a powerful tool and an essential aspect of your workflow process. Results of several surveys and research undertook have consistently shown that tracking improves the quality and productivity of your work!

Why is goal tracking important?

  • Provides direction and streamlines the workflow process.
  • It is a constant source of motivation and gives your team the extra push they need to deliver quality work on time.
  • Sets priorities for your organization.
  • Encourages employees to collaborate and work together to achieve success.
  • Helps you quantify success and redirect resources towards strategies working in your favour.
  • Enhances productivity and accountability of your employees.
  • Improves company morale and is a tool to overcome mental blocks.

Now that you know the importance of goal tracking, you may be wondering. How do I set goals for my company? The answer lies in SMART goals.

What are SMART Goals?

SMART is an acronym that is used as a guide to goal setting. It allows you to set goals that are properly understood, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow. According to this concept, the goals you set should fulfil the following criteria:

S – Specific: Be specific about what it is that you want to achieve. Your goal should be clear, precise, and well-defined. It should be easily understood by everyone related to the project.

M – Measurable: The goal you set needs to be measurable. Decide on the metrics you want to use to measure your goal.

A – Achievable: The goal should be attainable and achievable. Setting unachievable targets can prove to be counterproductive and demoralizing.

R – Realistic: You should set the goal according to the available resources, time, and knowledge.

T – Timely: An appropriate amount of time should be allocated to each goal.

Looking for a goal tracker template to help you set and track goals easily? Well, your search is over! Stackby has developed its very own SMART Goals Tracker Template for you! 

With our smart goals template, you will be able to:

  • Set SMART goals and track them from a single interface.
  • Assign a value to each goal.
  • Record the metrics associated with each goal.
  • Monitor the due date for the goal.
  • Track the current status of the goal metrics.
  • Keep a weekly track of your progress with the smart goals template.
  • Update the data as and when required.

Copy the stack and start using our SMART goals template today! If you're tracking your OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), check out the OKR Tracking template.

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