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Startup deal-flow tracking Template

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Startup deal-flow tracking Template
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Whether you’re a venture capitalist or an angel investor, or a private equity investor, making investments with maximum return requires a thorough analysis of various aspects of the company. More importantly, the process requires structural organization in order to succeed and our Startup deal-flow tracking template offers just that.

Before we go any further, let’s understand the concept of deal flow.

What is a deal flow?

In simple terms, deal flow is the total amount of investment opportunities available to a fund. Making a deal with any company is often a complex process. As a result, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the various investment avenues currently available to you.

The idea behind deal flow management is to ensure that you have all the data you need to make the right decision.

Where do you get access to the company’s funding status, revenue range, current employee strength, and other data relevant to an investment decision? Online tools like Mattermark can help you with that.

What is Mattermark?

Put in simple words, Mattermark is a software that gives you detailed information about various companies and investors. It allows you to monitor the fastest-growing companies worldwide and make informed investment decisions based on reliable company data.

You can track a company’s performance and growth over time and stay updated with the latest details about investors worldwide.

Accurate and easily accessible data is the key to making profitable deals. However, managing the huge amount of data generated can be a tedious and difficult task. To address your predicament, Stackby developed a Startup deal-flow tracking Template!

Bid farewell to the days when you were forced to refer to multiple databases and spreadsheets for reliable data! With Stackby’s Startup deal-flow tracking Template, you can store and track your data from a single interface. 

You can directly import the data provided by Mattermark instead of manually entering the same. With multiple deal tracking templates available out there, why should you choose us?

How will Stackby’s Startup deal-flow tracking Template help you make investment decisions?

Using the template, you will be able to:

  • Record multiple company profiles on the same platform.
  • Automate the entire process by importing data from Mattermark and update it accordingly.
  • Bring data from Mattermark ID to each company to promote efficient tracking.
  • Bring he current state and location of the company. You can also add a small description to each company to better understand before finalizing the deal.
  • Auto-track the total funding received by each company to date. You can also add details about the last funding amount and the last funding date of the company.
  • Auto-track the Mattermark score of each company to your database.
  • Auto Monitor the current employee strength of the company.
  • Auto-track the revenue range for a given company.
  • Add companies to the template directly from Mattermark.
  • Monitor and update the data as and when required.

Stackby’s Startup deal-flow tracking Template provides you with all the data you need to make a sound investment decision. Get you Mattermark API today and integrate it with our custom-made deal-flow tracking template to automate the entire deal flow management process. If you're already managing a portfolio, check out this portfolio management template.

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