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Twitter Posts Tracker Template

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Twitter Posts Tracker Template
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This digital era has seen many changes and developments in almost everything. Our way of living, communicating, and even expressing has changed due to the influence of technology. But what has influenced us most is social media.

Social media is used for communicating and industries to attract eyeballs and advertise their products or services. Many social media apps are being used for this purpose, and Twitter is one of the most used platforms for advertising.

Nowadays brands are using in-built social media analysis reports to track their engagement rate. You can use these insights to determine which is your best performing content, when should you post to get the best engagement, follower’s growth, engagement and ROI.

Keeping track of them all and managing them separately is an overwhelming amount of work and can be very time-consuming. That’s where our Twitter Posts Metrics come into play.

The Twitter Metrics Template will help you keep all of your updated data on a single platform and make your workflows smoother.

Why do we need a Twitter Metrics Template?

As with any other managerial activity, you should also give social media a very serious consideration. Keeping updates about your customers and what they think about your brand and product is essential for any organization.

With the help of the Twitter Metrics Template, you will be able to:

  • Track how much is your Twitter follower growth
  • Know how engaged your Twitter followers are? 
  • Track the number of times your product or brand was mentioned on Twitter
  • Keep track of your tweets.
  • Measure your Twitter activity. 
  • Get your follower to following ratio.
  • Get the number of clicks and likes.

You will be able to easily pull-out a lot of information to review and make marketing plans for the future. With google metrics, you come to know about your performance on social media. With this Twitter Metrics Template, you will be able to keep track of every data or activity that google metrics relays you.

How will Stackby’s Twitter Metrics Template help you?

With the Twitter Metrics Template. You can manage and track all of the Twitter activities in a single platform and one go. You have to link your Twitter account with the template, and you can track all Twitter analytics in real-time with this template in a much more organized way.

The template is completely customizable, and you can categorize and group the data and then filter it accordingly. It is quite easy and convenient to use and is easily accessible. 

Using this template; you can:

  • Pull in Twitter metrics by connecting using the Twitter API.  
  • Track the number of impression counts.
  • Monitor the like count and retweet count.
  • Record the user profile clicks and reply count.

If you are getting started with or currently using Twitter marketing, this Twitter Posts Metrics template is the perfect choice for you!

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