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Ad Campaign Planning Template

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Ad Campaign Planning Template
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The main purpose of an ad campaign planning template is to ensure that all the ads that you create are relevant and fulfill the campaign goals. Ad campaigns are important for a business as they have a focused edge when it comes to marketing. Stackby’s ad campaign planning template allows you to keep a track of all the ads that you generate for different platforms and makes it easier to monitor their results.

6 Steps to Planning an Advertising Campaign

Step 1: Determine goals of the campaign

You might want to convert leads or find new customers for your brand. There can be different goals for every ad campaign that you run for your website.

Step 2: Identity your Target Audience

Identify the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your target audience. For instance, which social media channels they use the most, when they are the most active on social media, what are their interests and preferences, etc.

Step 3: Create your Message

Now, it is time to create ad messages for your target audience that will help you achieve the goals of your campaign. Your message should appeal to your audience’s emotions, provide them benefits, and ensure credibility of your brand.

Step 4: Develop Media Strategy

Identify which platforms will be suitable to run the advertisements such as your website, social media, or PR.

Step 5: Implement your Ad Campaign

Start scheduling your advertisements. Make sure you have assigned the right team members to coordinate on every part of your campaign.

Step 6: Analyze Results

Start measuring results for each ad campaign from day one. This will help you analyze which channels are performing the best and which ones need improvement. Take note of the most important marketing KPIs for your ads.

Overview of Ad Campaign Planning Template

Track All Ads

The first table in the template - All Ads allows setting up ad campaigns for different channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, etc. You can track the status of every campaign as planning, publishing, revision, work in progress, on hold, etc. You can add assignees for every ad campaign, add start and end dates of the campaigns and track how many days are left for the launch of the campaign.

Manage All Adsets

The Adsets table helps you manage the different ad sets that you create for different campaigns or channels. Upload all the creatives related to each adset in one place and manage everything smoothly.

Assign Campaigns to your Team

The Assignees table helps you manage the different team members who are responsible for different ad campaigns. You can track their position, email, phone and other details.

Measure Results for every Campaign

The Results table in our ad planning template allows you to track your campaign results using the most important metrics like Goals, Spends, Impressions, CPM, Click, Cost Per Click, Conversion, etc.

How to Use Stackby’s Ad Campaign Planning Template?

  • Copy the ad campaign plan outline template to your Stackby Workspace and streamline your ad campaign planning process.
  • Add all your campaign data in the respective tables.
  • Bring your team members on one platform and collaborate with them on ad campaign planning.
  • Create a launch calendar to ensure everything is going as per schedule.
  • Add ad sets for every campaign.
  • Once a campaign is launched, enter the results accordingly.

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